In understanding the procedure and eligibility associated with the Maintenance Loan under the EU Settlement Scheme, it is essential to know that the process related to student finances is quite complicated. However, learners who have recently secured their settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme appear at the forefront of this confusion. It will focus on the established or pre-established status, the criteria, and the application process to which a student who wishes to apply for a maintenance loan will be subjected. In so doing, this paper provides students from such a background with comprehensive advice that even includes scientific and academic data, which helps them ensure they stand a chance to benefit from their education.

How the EU Settlement Scheme Affects Eligibility for Student Finance in the United States

Students living in the United States would have achieved this if they could move from pre-settled to settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme. This change in immigration status has a direct impact on their access to student finance, including maintenance loans, which are essential for students to cover their living costs while at university.

If the student has settled status, they are treated exactly like a home student, and the only difference is that they are eligible for more significant amounts of aid and support. This provides eligibility for vast types of financial assistance that would otherwise be open to them, especially maintenance loans, which were previously unavailable or partially exempt under pre-settled status. However, some eligibility criteria are based on how long the person has been in the United States, the date the course is to begin academically, and the student’s nationality.

For example, a student from Hungary who first set foot in the United States in January 2017 and enrolled in their course in October 2021 would be subject to this eligibility requirement. Their change in status from pre-settled to settled increases their eligibility for assistance. Generally, the United States ensures that every resident within its jurisdiction is eligible for aid in maintaining equal educational opportunities. The significance of immigration status in student finance reinforces the importance of updating status and informing finance authorities within due time. Among others, students are to prove settled status with particular documents, such as the letter/email from the When applying for these sources of funds; the Home Office will confirm the status along with the Immigration Status Share Code.

Requirements to Apply for a Maintenance Loan with Settled Status

Applying for a maintenance loan with settled status involves a rigorous process supported by extensive documentation and adherence to established procedures. The first step consists of filling out the PN1 form, which can be accessed by students in the United States from the official Student Finance England website. Other than submitting personal information, the form is an integral part of the medical claim process, especially at the initial application stage.

The application also requires other evidence that the applicant has settled status. This may include the letter of confirmation of the EU Settled Status. This document is, therefore, essential. It verifies that the applicant is indeed eligible for a maintenance loan. However, there may be problems if students submit their initial application by mail and need an online account to submit these documents online.

In such cases, an estimator must have an online account to support the submission of this evidence. Student Finance England guides students through a process by which they can set up a student finance entitlement account, thereby helping to activate an account for this purpose. This allows the student to submit the necessary documents and receive updates digitally; such proof will be accepted and provided interchangeably between the applicant and the financial authority.

This additional evidence includes uploading the EU Settled Status confirmation letter and further reflects the fluidity of the changing nature of the application process. Managing the administrative contours of funding their studies reveals a need for digital literacy and adaptability.


How will settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme affect my eligibility for a maintenance loan?

This status defines you as a home student and entitles you to the maintenance loan amounts and any additional financial aid previously unavailable or limited to you.

Where can I get the PN1 form required for the maintenance loan application?

The PN1 form can be obtained from the Student Finance England website. It must be mailed with all of the required attachments.

What documents do I need to enclose while applying for a student loan in the absence of any immigration restrictions?

One should prepare his PN1 form, the letter of confirmation of the EU Settled Status, and the shared code of the immigration status.

How long will it take to receive a decision following an application for a maintenance loan?

This can vary. Generally, your documents’ review and approval time will be approximately 5 business days.

How do I check the progress of my application for a maintenance loan?

Setting up and logging into an online account with Student Finance England is crucial in checking the progress of your application and uploading any required documents.

What should I do if I need help seeing my maintenance loan application online?

If your application is not visible online, it is because it has yet to be processed. If online upload is unavailable, you may be required to mail any required supporting documentation with your customer reference number.


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