The Ertegun Fellowship is like a silver lining in a dark cloud in the world of academic scholarships for humanities majors. The Ertegun Scholarship Program at the University of Oxford, conceived under the fundamental essence that everyone should have the opportunity to educate themselves, was initiated to support brilliant graduate students with talents to pursue their studies in the fields of creativity, humanities and social sciences. It benefits from the experiences of some of the applicants in the 2024 cycle, which are woven together to provide a realistic and relatively holistic view of how decisions are made from the moment applications are first submitted to the very Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Program, which is available to those doing outstanding research in the humanities at Oxford University. This program is designed to give students the financial freedom to study and research. This eligibility includes nationalities from countries other than their own and universities other than their original choice to which they have applied for one of the humanities disciplines in the Oxford Graduate Scheme. The scholarship provides more than just tuition and living expenses; it also immerses the scholars in a vibrant community that provides a dedicated space for study, seminars, and lecture series to further their interest in the brain.

When Do Applicants Hear About Interviews and Decisions?

The timing of the Ertegun application process is often the subject of much discussion between candidates. The process is rigorous and very disciplined in its timeline by those who applied for this program in 2024. Applications are generally due in early January. The interview process begins in February for most departments. There’s an unofficial deadline for departments to confirm their nominations by February 21, and scholarship decisions are announced in the first two weeks of March. After submitting a D, one applicant shared his experience. Phil. application in Ancient History on January 5, he at least got his college preference but was anxiously waiting for at least something about Ertegun interviews or funding. This kind of ambiguity is rampant: applicants seek the knowledge and comfort of others going through the same ordeal in online forums and discussions. For example, one applicant reported that he was interviewed in the first week of February and was nominated by his department within a week of being sent to the Ertegun administration, pending only a few more documents, including a resume.


How does one apply for the Ertegun Scholarship?

To apply for the Ertegun Scholarship, it is sufficient to use in conjunction with an application for graduate admission to any of Oxford University’s humanities programs. Generally, the first week of January is the hard deadline for applications to the Ertegun Program. The official Oxford University websites provide sound advice, while online forums and social media groups often give valuable insights and shared experiences from past and present scholarship applicants. The selection process begins with departmental interviews in early February, with nominations confirmed by the end of February and final scholarship decisions announced in the first two weeks of March.

When do departments nominate candidates for the scholarship?

Departments typically confirm their nominations to the Ertegun administration by the end of February. Nominations are subject to review internally.

How competitive is the Ertegun Scholarship?

To miss out on the coveted 30% success rate for scholarship nominees in a pool of approximately 50 candidates would be a tall order.


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