Going on to higher education, especially finding a home in halls of residence such as UCL Campbell House East, tends to present several challenges compared to what many people are used to. This guide’s purpose is to offer prospective students advice on what to expect, how to make new friends, and how to get the most out of their time at Campbell House East.

What is Campbell House East, and Where Does it Fit in the UCL Accommodation Spectrum?

In addition to a selection of furnished and habitable studio apartments and one-bedroom suites available through the University College London (UCL) accommodation system, Campbell House East offers a well-established student lifestyle. Ideally located for easy access to UCL’s central Bloomsbury campus, the residence puts students right in the middle of their academic pursuits while giving them a generous step to some of London’s most vibrant areas, including Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street, Soho and Chinatown. Through the strength of its layout, ten per apartment, the hall has a great sense of community. It is built on a social atmosphere where you can relate to other flat members and build relationships that last a long time. Another is the modernity and well-maintained infrastructure. This fosters community living and social interaction. Potential residents generally express curiosity and sometimes anxiety about the living arrangements regarding shared bathrooms, with each apartment having two showers and one toilet. It will take a lot of work. But that’s part of living together. It brings people closer to each other.

How to Get in Touch with Fellow Residents Even Before and After Arriving at Campbell House East

Due to the digital era, the incoming students/residents are easily connected even before entering the institution or the house. These are the social media sites. These include Instagram and new tools for building a community. Participating in or creating group chats for students living in the same residence is very useful, as these are forums where students can share information, organize social activities and generally get to know each other.

Many students first search on sites like Instagram or dedicated applications like Goin to find these digital communities. If the direct search is unsuccessful, reaching out to other new members through campus forums or social media may help you find or start a group chat. Organize your contact information and share it privately with other residents. Include the ability to invite other people to join your current chat session.

When to Start Preparing for Your Move to Campbell House East: Practical Tips and Advice

Your move-in preparation should ideally begin before the academic term. This includes developing an understanding of how the rooms are laid out. It is also part of the planning process for what to bring. Since availability at Campbell House East is sometimes lacking on a room-by-room basis, you can reach out on social media or use group chat contacts of current or former tenants to see what is needed ahead of time. Packing for university accommodation always means compromising between what you want to bring and the reality of having to share. Essentials would be things like bedding, toiletries, pots and pans. Personal touches that make the room feel more like a home away from home. Things that promote cleanliness and organization should also be considered for the shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

To install community in Campbell House East: The Social Role of Social Interactions.

One way to join a close-knit community is to live in a residence hall such as Campbell House East. The design of the residence is centralized. Social interaction among residents is encouraged by shared kitchens and bathrooms. Knowing this and embracing it as part of the university experience will help. You don’t have to leave a network of support behind. Being part of the community should involve getting together with others in group settings, whether it be events organized around the flats, informal gatherings in the standard rooms, or even day trips around London to have a sense of belonging within a tight-knit group of friends. And, of course, participating in group chats in general and social media groups in particular not only keeps a student up to date on events and important information but also inherently contributes to the atmosphere of this vibrant community.


Although moving into university accommodation in shared houses such as UCL Campbell House East can be nerve-wracking, it also offers exciting opportunities for personal growth and community building. Use social media and messenger platforms to help students get the most out of their college experience. Stay in touch with other residents as you prepare to move in. Join new students as they learn to get involved for the first time. It’s a chance to get to know the common parts of living in Campbell House East:

  • Kitchen conversations.
  • Negotiating shower schedules that will form lifelong friendships.
  • A powerful sense of belonging to the UCL community.


How do I get in touch with fellow residents of Campbell House East before coming?

Join social media groups or chats on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. Connect with your peers.

Where exactly is Campbell House East located concerning the UCL Bloomsbury campus?

There are several open communal facilities in and around the Village, such as across the road from the main UCL Bloomsbury campus and within walking distance of places like Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

There are also shared modern kitchens and bathroom facilities. There are two showers and a toilet in each unit.

Where in Campbell House East are the social rooms located?

Be early for preparation. Before the start of the academic year, you can have your bedding, toiletries, and cooking supplies ready.

What kind of layout do the rooms in Campbell House East have?

Connect with current or former residents through social media or group chats. See how the rooms look and feel. What should I bring to move into Campbell House East?

Bring essential items that will serve both your personal and community life. Of course, some of these items will help you keep your home clean and organized.


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