There’s a lot of excitement about applying to study Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford University. But the process is quite challenging. With its rigorous academic standards and competitive selection process, Oxford is a dream for many students worldwide, especially for a student from the United States who wants to be part of a complete cultural and linguistic study at the University. This article provides insight into critical steps and strategies for applicants, especially those still considering a gap year, to write compelling essays and supplement their statements with relevant activities. How a Gap Year Can Strel “ñngthK” ñn Your App “ñli” ñti” ñon to Oxfor “ñd’s As “ñin and Middle Easter” ñn Stu “ñdi” ñes Pr “ñogr” ñam: Using a Gap Year to Stre “ñngthK” ñn Your App “ñli” ñti” ñon During this time, you will show us that you are genuinely interested in your studies by participating in activities related to your program of interest. For example, if you want to specialize in a language or an area within Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, immersion, language acquisition, and volunteer work would improve your knowledge and understanding of the culture. This experience will develop you personally and indicate to the admissions committee that you have a commitment to the field.

But note that a positive gap year is only part of the picture. The priority is always to meet the academic requirements of Oxford. Evidence of high scores on AP exams in those areas that reflect excellent academic achievement in areas relevant to world history, languages, and literature is a must. It would be a good foundation for your application to include a variety of AP scores, especially in subjects that highlight your language and cultural interests.

What to Know About Submitting Written Work for the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Application

We look for evidence of your analytical and expressive skills in the written work submitted with your application. Oxford values the diversity of thought and writing. We encourage applicants to provide evidence of the same. “Whether it’s a timed rhetorical analysis or an extended piece developed over time, the quality of your argument, your grasp of the material, and your ability to engage with complex ideas are important.”

For American applicants, submitting written work may be a limitation due to the time constraints imposed by the AP course. However, essays from the AP English Language and Composition course, for example, can be excellent submissions. Ideally, these essays will demonstrate your ability to engage critically with literature and articulate your thoughts on social issues, thus reflecting your readiness for the rigorous academic environment at Oxford.

Boost Your Statement—Activities and Interests in Line with Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Your statement plays an important role in your application to Oxford, as it is one of the few opportunities to demonstrate your desire and enthusiasm for the field of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. This goes beyond merely listing accomplishments; it is more like weaving your narrative to show your intellectual curiosity and cultural engagement. Indeed, participation in such activities, whether directly related to East Asian studies or indicative of a broader interest in languages and cultures, will likely impact your application seriously.

For example, discussing your participation in Korean feminist literature or Japanese pop culture or your proficiency in languages such as Chinese and French indicates your interest in other cultures. In addition, extra-curricular activities such as joining a poetry club or musical achievements, if related to one’s linguistic and cultural passions, would be the icing on the cake.

Where to Apply: Choosing the Right College for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford

The English collegiate system of Oxford University provides a unique academic and social framework that makes college an essential consideration for applicants. Each college has its community, accommodation, facilities, and traditions. It’s all part of getting to know Oxford. While the curriculum for the program is fixed throughout the University, the choice of college may affect some of the daily living and studying experiences. Prospective students are encouraged to do extensive research independently, from size and location to specific support for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Individual preferences may vary. Within Oxford, however, the right college will meet your academic and social needs.

Overall, the application process for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford is a mixed exercise that requires good planning and proper engagement in your area of interest. From making the most of your gap year to getting the most out of literature, it all comes down to writing a good statement of purpose that best sells your passion and choosing a college that fits you. You can apply to one of the best universities in the world with a solid academic foundation, a commitment to cultural and linguistic studies, and a personal story that supports your interests and activities.

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Jason · 18 March 2024 at 15:39

Hey, I get it. Time’s tight with AP courses. But those AP English essays? Solid. They show you’re ready for Oxford’s intensity.

Michelle · 26 March 2024 at 14:37

I reckon my essays from AP English might fit the bill for Oxford.

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