10 Best Jobs In The US Army

This article will discuss 10 of the most desirable jobs in the Army. It will also include information about the primary responsibilities and salary.

1. Divers

The average national salary is $53,765 annually

Primary duties: U.S. Army Divers are engineers who are responsible to perform reconnaissance, demolition, and salvage tasks. They inspect and clean propellers and hulls. They also repair damaged watercraft hulls. They can rescue sunken equipment.

They can also inspect beaches, harbors, and rivers for underwater objects. They specialize in either deep-sea or scuba diving. This allows them to be underwater for longer periods and at depths up to 190 feet.

2. Public affairs specialist

The average national salary is $54,613 per annum

Primary duties: The public affairs specialist assists with the administration and supervision of public affairs programs. They are responsible for creating and distributing news releases, web-based material, and photographs, as well as developing ideas for news articles and writing press releases.

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3-Cyber Operations Specialist

Annual Average National Salary $56,974

Primary duties: The cyber operations specialist is responsible to conduct offensive cyberspace operations as well as defensive cyberspace operations to protect data, networks, and other systems.

They are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting digital data; providing network support and intelligence that protects the cyber domain, and evaluating network defense operations. They are also responsible for monitoring network defense tools such as firewalls and routers and performing network terrain audits.


4. Specialist in human resources

The average national salary is $45,045 annually

Primary duties: The human resources specialist (HR) is responsible for helping soldiers to develop their U.S. Army careers. They are responsible for all HR support issues, overseeing strength management actions and distribution actions, overseeing the readiness and health of all soldiers, and maintaining emergency notification information.

The process of separation and retirement orders, preparing orders and requests for orders, and maintaining personnel records for offers and soldiers. They process awards and decorations, as well as applications for OCS and warrant officer flight training and other special training.


5-Psychological Operations

Salary: $85,274 annum

Primary duties: Psychological operations (PSYOP), specialists are responsible to assess the information needs of a group and create messaging that will influence and engage their target audience.

They are responsible for researching and analyzing strategies to influence foreign populations, operating, maintaining, and broadcasting information, and traveling to foreign locations in peace or crisis to assist the U.S. and other governments.


6. Recruiter

The average national salary is $41,089 annually

Primary duties: The U.S. Army recruiter contacts, interviews and advises civilians to find qualified candidates for U.S. Army Enlistment. 

They are responsible for establishing contacts within the community to share information on military training and job openings, displaying and disseminating marketing materials, interviewing potential recruits, and conducting evaluations and testing.


7. Combat medic

Average national salary $42,537/year

Primary duties: The combat medic specialist provides emergency medical care on the battlefield. He also assists with health protection and evacuation. They can be deployed with combat units to treat soldiers in combat zones. They are responsible for administering emergency medical care, assisting in outpatient and inpatient care, preparing patients, operating room supplies and preparations for surgery, and administering shots or medications.

They might collect blood samples for laboratory analysis and interview patients to record their medical history. Commonly, medics will be required to administer intravenous IV (IV) solutions to soldiers who have been dehydrated during long periods of movement or training.


8-Operations Manager

Salary: $93,449 annum

Primary duties: The U.S. Army Operations Manager is responsible for planning and ensuring the success of their teams. These duties may vary, but they often include security planning, coordination, and protection.

They might also be responsible for the drafting of approval training directives or operations orders, routine correspondence preparation, and replying to complicated matters for approval.

9-Counterintelligence Agent

Salary: $78,585 annum

Primary duties: Counterintelligence agents are responsible to conduct investigations and analyses to counter terrorist threats. You will be a counterintelligence agent (CI), and you will do all kinds of investigations from terrorism to spying to treason.

To gather evidence for your case, you use both audio and video recording. Counterintelligence targets are also detected, neutralized, and exploited by CI agents.


10. Explosive Ordnance Disposal

The average national salary is $46,897 annually

Primary duties: An explosives disposal (EOD), specialist, is responsible for safely disposing of unexploded ordnance (including improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and chemical, biological, or nuclear ordnance).

EOD specialists are responsible for safely disposing of bombs and ordnance, as well as gathering intelligence about IEDs and IEDs. They also assist with the setup and operation of emergency contamination control and decontamination stations and prepare and maintain the tools, equipment, and vehicles they use as part of their job.


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