Truck Driver Jobs And Salaries in Canada for Foreigners 2024

Truck Driver Jobs and salaries in Canada: The trucking industry in Canada is growing rapidly due to the huge demand for truck drivers with experience.

In fact, the Canadian government is seeking truck drivers to be employed in their country, but it is essential to be qualified for the requirement. 

Truck driver jobs for heavy trucks are now very difficult jobs since these drivers are able to travel across Canada without having to make any additional payments.

The company offers competitive wages which allow you to lead the life you desire. If you’ve got prior experience it is easier to get into the position immediately. 

There are many benefits to the job based on when you’re at your best for the job. In certain Canadian provinces, the government is willing to offer you a higher amount of compensation for additional tasks.

What are the Basic Duties of Truck Drivers?

Employ business techniques in a way that is compatible with the law and rules in force.

Cleaning and checking the vehicle every day for safety.

It is important to travel towards Washington DC, the Hub DC as well as DC within the time limit.

Load and unload tires in order to fulfill delivery obligations.

Essential Requirements for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

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Language Skills: English or French

Education degree: Diploma or Certificate

Credentials: certificates, courses, licenses, etc.

Experience: 3 to 5 years

Skills required Perform pre-trip, on way, as well as post-trip inspections

Documentation: Logbook of the driver, repairs and maintenance reports, inspection reports, and more.

Sicherheit and Security: Driver’s record check and Validity of Driver’s license verification.

Protective Equipment for Personal: Boots or hard hats.

Transportation Information: A valid driver’s license

Physical Capabilities and Work Conditions such as overtime, and repetitive tasks.

Type of Trucking Equipment: Tractor-trailer and Dump truck

Truck Driver Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

Truck Drivers’ Jobs in High Demand

Canadian immigration is looking for long-haul truck drivers, however, there are a limited number of positions available for this position. If you’re a skilled truck driver and meet all the requirements then you will be able to work in Canada. Canadian authorities will provide you with a work visa to allow the worker to live in Canada. 

Salaries for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

In Canada. the longer the period you travel from one province to the next, the greater your earnings. 

In Alberta, truck drivers earn $30/hour and the same in New Brunswick at $17/hour. Thus, the average annual wage for truck drivers is $35,000, and $60,000 for full-time workers. Let’s take a look at the salaries of a few Canadian provinces:

Alberta – $54,195

Northwest Territories – $52,650

British Columbia – $49,725

Saskatchewan – $48,750

Ontario $46,940

Quebec – $46,781

Prince Edward Island – $37,986

Truck Drivers’ Capabilities:

Goods should always be wrapped

Respond to any issue addressed by consumers.

Troubleshoot and fix technical issues that might arise

Perform various labor-related tasks to support apprentices, tradespeople, and other employees.

Supervising the unloading and loading of the products

Monitoring the overall function of the vehicle including brakes, lights, tires as well as the clutch.

Different Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

Truck driver jobs in Calgary:

The province is home to an incredible amount of skyscrapers. It is a province that is growing rapidly. It is also the nation’s oil industry capital. Due to its ability to retain Western tradition, it is often referred to by the name of “Cowtown”. Additionally, it is the ideal place in where truck drivers can get work. the most common jobs for truck drivers are:

Combo/Pressure Truck Operator

Class 3 Garbage Truck Driver

Truck Driver – Permanent

Driver Helper

Recycling Service Driver

Job opportunities for truck drivers in Ontario:

Ontario is a different province for truck drivers that are located in the Eastern portion of Canada. It shares borders with the Great Lake region and the United States. The province featured a wide array of Victorian buildings that showcased Canadian and indigenous art. Some of the driving jobs that are available include:

Haul Truck Operator

The driver of the Shunt truck

Recycling truck driver

Tractor-trailer truck driver

Garbage Truck Driver (AZ)

Driver jobs for trucks in Edmonton:

The capital of Alberta is the province with the most population. It is situated in the Northern portion of what statistics Canada refers to as”the “Calgary-Edmonton Corridor”. They are in need of experienced and young truck drivers. There are a few truck driver vacancies:

The driver of the truck

Seasonal Shutdown Class 3 Driver

The driver of a moving truck

Long haul truck driver


Jobs for truck drivers are the most sought-after jobs across Canada for those who have the required qualifications and experience for the job. If you’re thinking about making the move to Canada for a better income, you could make an application in any Canadian province that is looking for truck drivers. If you are successful, you can be fortunate to receive work permits in Canada.


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