Recently, basic industries have been trending and the need for their product is on the rise. 

Basic Industries can be traced way back to the 1880s.

One may wonder what are basic industries and what companies fall under this category.

In this article, we will discuss what companies are in the basic industry fields, how lucrative the basic industries are, and the pay.

Before then, let us understand what basic industries are.

What are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are companies that produce goods majorly used in the production of other goods. As the name implies, they are basic in the manufacturing sectors.  we can also say that basic industries are Industries that produce raw materials used in producing other necessary goods.  these Industries include the engineering industry textile industry d petroleum industry building industry agricultural industry etc.

Basic Industries in some economies are playing a major role in their production power. The companies in basic Industries thrive better. When there is any location with natural resources, the basic industry will arrange tools to harness it.

These industries are industries that seek to innovate production materials that will make life easier.

It will interest you to know some companies in the Basic industries fields.

Let’s discuss that.

What Companies are in the Basic industry fields?

The following are components in the basic Industries field:

Cargill group of companies

Cargill is a company in the basic industry field that concentrates on producing Agricultural resources to enhance agricultural innovations. Their activities involve the production of nutrients for agricultural produce, animal nutrients, and food production materials.

The Cargill company has over the years employed over 150,000 workers and has established branches globally. They have employed workers in various fields such as agricultural engineering, equipment experts, marketing and sales, and administrative staff to function effectively.

The Cargill group vacancies can be found on the company’s website and qualified candidates can apply.

Chevron group of companies

Chevron is its own company in the oil and gas sector, they produce natural resources for further production of oil and gas. It’s a large company with an estimated 8,000 staff and in over 50 countries in the world.

Chevron was established in 1915 in the United States and was merged with the standard oil company Ohio in 1951 the name chevron was chosen in 1997.

Chevron is a basic industry that has made waves in the world.

International paper company

International paper company is a top industry in the paper printing and publishing space. They supply publishing houses with papers for their activities. As early as 1917, the international national paper company was established in Irving Pennsylvania. International paper is one of the employee’s labor in the basic industry.

Procter and Gamble company.

Procter is a brand that produces materials for beauty, hair care, textiles, and more. The company has widened its horizon to over 70 companies globally and has been in existence for over 100 years. 

Procter and gamble is a huge employer of labor, you can check out their website to view various vacancies available. Procter and gamble is a solid brand that has diversified to various sectors in basic industry. They are commended for their good work ethics and environment.

PPG industries

PPG is specialized in producing paints and coating. It has been in existence since 1883. The growth of PPG cannot be ignored in the basic industry of its expertise in paint production and distribution globally.

PPG is earning in the music industry and has hired thousands of employees in the company.

Masco Corporation

The Masco corporation is known for the production of materials for design and construction. It was established by Alex Manoogian et al. Masco is a good employer of labor in the basic industry with over 10,000 employees both in North America and other parts of the world.

You can check the company website for career opportunities and available vacancies.

John Deere Company.

The John Deere company is a company that concentrates on the production of materials across agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, and heavy machinery

The company is an employer of labor in the basic industry field.

Newmont cooperation

They are one of the biggest mining companies in the world. Newmont focuses on gold mining and is a huge employer of labor

  • Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed air cooperation produces good preservatives, health care products, etc around the world.

They have been established for a long-term now and have hired and still hiring.

12 Best paying Jobs in Basic Industry

The following are jobs in the basic industry:

  1. Petroleum engineering ( they are invited in oil and gas production)
  1. Agriculturists ( they are majorly for Agricultural products and raw materials)
  1. Botanics ( they harness materials from plants)
  1. permaculture ( a permaculturist is an advocate of adopting raw materials naturally)
  1. chemists( they are in charge of producing materials for medicine
  1. Health officers (ensure that all workers are in good health condition)
  1. Drilling engineers ( they are mostly in a field location)
  1. Machine handling(  the handlers handle complex machines)
  1. robotics ( they handle robots for production)
  1. Product management ( they plan and manage production processes.)
  1. Waste management ( they dispose of wastes in the manufacturing of raw materials)
  1. Marine engineering ( these are professionals that carry out mining and drilling in water

 Is Basic Industry a good Career path?

Basic Industries are a necessary part of any economy because no product will be available without the harnessing, processing, and distribution of raw materials and primary products.

For the constant production of primary products, workers both professionals and nonprofessionals, are needed in the basic Industries.

The job of an expert in the basic industry is in high demand because of its innovations and broadness. If you are a professional who seeks a career path, the basic industry is a good choice.

The companies in the basic Industries are big Industries that reward their workers massively. Any employer in Chevron is regarded as gainfully employed.

The basic Industry is a good career path.

Even in times of recession and inflation, basic Industries are still paid for their activities because production must continue.

Any country with basic Industries is a booming economy because it is a producer and not a consumer. Government always seeks more establishment of basic Industries to boost the economy this makes the job available and worth it.

What Does Basic Industries Pay like?

Basic Industry is a lucrative industry that pays higher than other careers because the specialization and hard work differ from one company to another depending on rank and duties.

Some occupation in the basic Industries attracts good pay, bonuses, allowances, and trips.

If you are about to choose a career in basic Industry, be rest assured that it is a good choice.

FAQ on Basic Industries

The following are frequently asked questions in basic Industries:

 Is Amazon a Basic Industry?

Amazon cannot be regarded as a basic Industry because it doesn’t deal with primary products. Finish products are listed on Amazon as a marketplace.

 What Industries are in Basic Sector?

Industries such as those listed above are categorized as basic Industries because it produces and distributes raw materials for further production

Is Basic Industries a good Career path?

Yes, it is. Basic Industries are a good Career path because it is lucrative, in high demand and payment is attractive as highlighted above


Basic Industries are well known in the economy because of their role in harnessing, processing, and distributing raw materials that other sectors cannot. Companies such as Chevron, Cargill, and Procter, and gamble make up the basic Industries.

This article doesn’t in any way suggest that only the companies in this article are basic Industries. They are listed here because they are topping the charts.

 Basic Industries are still growing and more companies are built daily to provide raw materials.

Basic Industries is a good Career path to consider and will be a good choice.

If you have read this article, you will be prepared to take up a career in the basic Industry sector.

This article doesn’t contain undisclosed information about the various companies listed, if you want to know more about basic Industries, you should visit the websites and gather as much information as you can.

I hope this article answers your questions regarding basic industries.

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Heather · 10 March 2024 at 15:31

You know, I often ponder what exactly makes up basic industries. It’s like, which companies fit into that box? It’s all about those fundamental goods and services, ya know?

Andy · 23 March 2024 at 12:43

Man, PPG’s been around since 1883, and their paint game is strong worldwide. It’s crazy how they’ve grown in the paint industry. Can’t deny their expertise and reach in coatings.

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