Are you interested in working in the aviation sector? then, this blog post on best paying air freight/delivery services jobs is a must-read for you. In this post, we will explain in detail what air freight is all about, and tell you which air freight is the best as well as the best paying jobs in air freight/delivery services.

Jobs in the aviation sector are highly demanding and also very lucrative. For you to work here, you need to have an experience in the aviation sector and how the process involved in air freight/delivery service.

Air freight is typically the movement of goods from point A to point B by air using an airplane. You can use either FedEx/DHL/BlueDart as well as UPS  for this mode of service. This service works by making use of trucks to load goods at the airport and lastly making use of a truck to take the same goods to their destination when the goods have landed in the state/country that the shipment has been sent to.

It is actually regarded as the fastest way of delivery of goods/services from one point to another. This process is considered to be very costly because of the speed of the delivery and the urgency of the goods you are sending to their designated destination. This implies that you spending x2 or so of what you should have initially spent if you had considered making use of other means of delivery like the ocean freight.

How Does Air Freight Work?

The first thing to do here is to gather the details about the product, then proceed by getting your shipping service provider followed by packaging your goods and label, and then your shipment is ready for delivery. Since it is labeled, when the shipments get to the final destination you will be contacted for your goods clearing and collection.

In air freight, the thing that always makes it to be expensive is that the airline will bill the person on what is known as the chargeable weight. And this chargeable weight is just a combination of both the shipment’s weight and its size. And also the destination, where the product is shipped, is also a determinant factor, and also the custom fees are also applicable in most cases.

Advantages Of Using Air Freight/Delivery Services

  • It is very fast when compared to other types of freight/delivery services.
  • It is highly secured.
  • It has an insurance premium
  • You can ship products everywhere you want.

Best Paying Air Freight/Delivery Services Jobs

Airport Manager

Airport managers are of paramount importance for the effective functioning of an airport. He sees that every staff in the airport carries out their duty very well. He is responsible for taking care and seeing that all the airport equipment is in other and the ones that are bad are been repaired. He helps in maintaining accurate record and also help in planning the airport’s budgets. An airport manager’s salary is estimated to be around $53,173 per year in the US.

2. Aviation Manager

An aviation manager is responsible for the organization of all the airport, or aviation-related businesses. He also helps in recruiting staff that works in the airline as well as ensuring compliance with FAA regulations. Their salary ranges from 1,040,000 NGN to -346,000 NGN per month.

3.  Air Freight Manager

 Air freight managers are responsible for overseeing the freights that are to be delivered. His job is centered in the freight delivery department.  They are also known for making sure that goods are delivered on time and that the loading and storage of goods are carried out properly. Their salary in the united states is between $58,482 per year.

4.  Air Freight Logistics Customer Service

Their day-to-day job is attending to customers’ needs, taking calls, as well as processing customers’ shipments. Their salary in the united state is $51,166 per year.

5.  Air Line Pilot

An airline pilot is responsible for flying the plane and also checking the plane before take-off to know whether it is in a good condition. They check to know that they are following the correct route and whether the remaining fuel is enough to reach their destination as well as whether the cabin pressure is okay. Their annual salary is $146,500.

6.  Freight Agent

A freight agent’s responsibility is in the receiving, forwarding, or delivery of goods. They are responsible for the preparation of the shipment documents. Their salary is between $34,500 to $67,500 per year.

7.  Transportation Freight Coordinator

A transportation freight coordinator is responsible for overseeing the process of delivery of customers’ shipments. They help in the management of both the incoming and outgoing freight. Their salary ranges from $53,180 to $65,452.

8.  Freight Delivery Driver

They help in picking shipments from their office to deliver them to the owners. They plan their delivery schedule and make sure that the goods are delivered on time and in good condition. Annual salary is between $35,000 to $66,500.

9.  Freight Payment Coordinator

He is responsible for authorizing and coordinating freight payment receipts as well as preparation of the customer’s shipments invoices. Their salary is between $44,240 to $48,853 per year.

10.  Freight Distribution Manager

The freight distribution manager is in charge of the freight distribution process. He always ensures that the goods are safe and that they are been properly stored before the distribution process. As well as the performance of supervisory duties towards the freight that are to be delivered to ensure that each one is taken to the right destination. Their salary per year in the united states is $66,923.

11.  Air Craft Freight Loader

 An aircraft freight loader is responsible for loading and offloading freight from the airport warehouse to air crafts. Their salary ranges from $27,000 to $47,000 in the united states.

12.   Air Traffic controller

 Their main duty is in giving instructions to pilots concerning their take-off and their landing, checking the movement of the aircraft while in the air and also when it has not taken off as well they will control the aircraft that is coming into the airport and then hand over the control of the outgoing flight to other traffic controllers that are in the airport where the said airplane will land. They have a salary of about $56,300 per year in the united state.

 13.  Customer Program Manager

They maintain a good close relationship with their customers for the up growth of their company. They help in accepting and processing customers’ orders and also help in finding out what the customers’ needs are and try to solve them.  Their per year in the united states is $51, 072.

14.  Cargo Handler

They are responsible for loading cargo, unloading as well as securing cargo from one point to the other. This process entails that goods reach their final destination safely. They also help in maintaining the records of freights. Their salary in the US is $18.34 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What air freight is the best?

The best air freight is regarded as the expedited service flight. This is designed for those that want their shipments to arrive fast at their destination. In this type of air freight method, the plane does not make stops on the way. They go straight to their final destination.

  What is the difference between air express and air freight?

Air express has to do with from door to door. That is after the consignee has paid the customs duties, the express delivery will now deliver to the customer with the help of the services of either DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

While air freight has to do with shipping from airport to airport. Here the airplane will land at the destination airport and then upload the cargo and in turn, take the cargo to the airport warehouse.

What is an airfreight service?

Air freight services are the process of transporting shipments from one point to the other through an air carrier.


In this post Best Paying Air Freight/Delivery Services Jobs please note that the salary ranges between locations and employers. Go through the post to choose the type of airfreight job that suits you.

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