We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for 2024 United Nations Internships. In this article, we will go over in-depth the application process for the internship as well as the benefits it can bring, and the step-by-step application process.

 2023 United Nations Internships are mainly for abroad students. The period of the program ranges between two and six months. United Nations Internships will provide the opportunity to earn certifications and have exciting experiences working with the offices within the United Nations.

Everyone is staring to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems. The 40,000 employees of the organization are committed to ensuring peace and safety. They also foster relations between nations and encourage the improvement of living standards and respect for the rights of human beings. To be successful in meeting the challenges facing the world the United Nations needs a diverse workforce with the ability to help in the solution. The Office of Human Resources fosters an agile, flexible, and mobile workforce with the highest level of competence and honesty, so as to effectively and efficiently carry out the mission and task of the Organization.

The United Nations offers a fascinating multicultural and diverse working environment. This program gives you the chance to work alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds to address a variety of problems. We are seeking an energetic and skilled student to be a part of our Organization. If you’re selected to be an intern you’ll join an international intern class and will make an impact on both rewarding and challenging tasks.

Outline for 2024 United Nations Internships

  • Institution(s): United Nations
  • Locale: All countries of the world
  • Specialized Areas of Internship: Click here to view all areas open
  • Internship Time: Between 2 and 6 months
  • The deadline for interns is March 31; has passed. Check for the deadline on this page.

Internship Benefits

United Nations Internships will provide the chance to gain certificates and experience working for the staff at the office in the United Nations office.

Qualification Criteria For  2024 United Nations Internships

These are the requirements that must be taken into consideration in the selection process for United Nations Internships:

  • The required languages are: English along with French are the two official languages employed by the United Nations. To be considered for the job the ability to speak English is necessary. The ability to communicate in the official language of the United Nations is an additional advantage.
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries

Skills required

  • Communication: Speaks and writes clearly and efficiently and effectively; can hear others’ voices, clearly interprets messages from others and responds appropriately and asks queries to understand the meaning of messages, and shows interest in two-way communication. They can adjust the language, tone, and format to suit the requirements of their public; displays openness to sharing information, and keeps others informed.
  • technology-savvy: Stays current on the latest technologies and comprehends the use as well as limitations within the workplace. Office workers are always seeking to make use of technology for specific jobs. Has a desire to be aware of the latest technology.
    Professionalism: Takes confidence in the work done and the accomplishments that show professional expertise and understanding of the subject. It also shows being efficient and diligent in meeting deadlines completing deadlines and achieving objectives. It is driven by work-related rather than personal concerns and is able to persevere when faced with obstacles or difficult problems and remains serene even in difficult situations. Responsible for incorporating gender-based perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of females and men in all areas of work.
  • Planning and Organization: Sets out specific goals that align with established strategies; establishes the order in which tasks are prioritized and assignments and adjusts priority as required assigns the proper amounts of time as well in terms of resources; is aware of potential risks and anticipates the potential for delays in planning; observes and adjusts actions and plans as required ensures efficient use of time.

education: To be eligible for an internship under the United Nations Internship Programme, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The applicants who make their application have to meet at most one of the requirements:
    • In a graduate school accredited by the AA (second college degree or equivalent, and/or higher);
    • It is required to be during the last academic year of your college degree (minimum of a bachelor’s or similar degree) in journalism, communications psychology, human development international relations, sociology, and disability inclusion or related fields to human resources or
    • They must be graduates with a degree conferred by an accredited university (as described in paragraphs a and b above.) If they are selected to be an employee on a part-time basis, they must begin work within one year of graduation.
    • If they study in countries where higher education isn’t split into undergraduate and graduate stages and they have to have completed a minimum, of 4 years of studies at a university or comparable institution in order to be awarded the diploma in journalism, communication, and human development disabilities integration, psychology, sociology, and international relations, human resources or any related subject.
  2. Be computer-literate using basic word processing programs like Microsoft Word and Excel or equivalent, and proficient in using the typical technology for office automation (scanner or printer. ).
  3. I have shown love in working with The United Nations and am determined to adhere to the principles set out within The United Nations Charter.
  4. You’ve shown the ability to interact effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and ideologies. This requires you to explore and accept diverse opinions and viewpoints.

Ways To  Apply For  2024 United Nations Internships

Follow the application instructions for a chance to win United Nations Internships:

  1. by registering an account on United Nations Portal.
  2. Make your own profile.
  3. Find the job you are interested in, and then apply.


  • Please ensure that you complete the online application form as it won’t be considered in the absence of completion.
  • The Cover Letter must include:
    *The level you’re studying at the moment;
    Date of graduation (when you’ll graduate from school);
    Explain why you want to take part with your interest in the United Nations Internship Program;
    Experienced in the development of targeted messages, as well as conducting analyses of data. This involves visualizing and validating data, and employing social media
    Define why you’re a perfect candidate for this job;
  • When you create Your Personal History Profile, make sure to include every one of your previous employment experiences, such as communications as well as data analysis as well as the program you used as well as three references.
  • Due to the high volume of applications, ONLY those who have been successful will first be contacted.
  • Visit the website of the United Nations for more information on the process of applying.

Experiential in the design of targeted content, carrying out an analysis of data. This involves the visualization and validation of data as well as making use of social media

Explain why you’re the ideal candidate for this job;

  • When you create Your Personal History Profile, ensure that you list all your prior work experiences, including communication and data analysis experience and the software you utilized, and three references.
  • Due to the sheer volume of applicants, ONLY those who have been successful will first be to be contacted.
  • Visit the official website of the United Nations to learn more about the process of applying.
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