Are you looking to make a whole amount of money, then join the career of a data scientist or a software engineer. This article on best paying jobs in EDP services is designed for people that want to take pursue a career in data processing and the like. Here is detailed information on all you need to know about EDP jobs and the ones that have the best salary.

EDP is the digital management of databases, that are stored on a shared server and allow simultaneous access to all parties. EDP services are high-paying fields and they are as well competitive. Because of the change in technology over the years,  offices and businesses have moved to the use of paperless and digital data processing because of the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of tasks. Because many businesses generate many data on a daily basis and this electronic data processing will make it easy for the information and data to be gathered and processed as well.

Is EDP A Good Career Path?

Yes, EDP service is a good career path. It is one of the fastest-growing career paths. This is because people in this field are highly in demand and this means that the growth in demand will continue till the nearest future. Careers in this field of study are well paid and  Almost every business in the world is in need of this specialty in order for the speedy and accurate functioning of the company.

The skills that are been displayed by people that want to pursue this career include their love for technology, when they find it satisfying to fix things, creative problem solvers,s and so on.

Requirements For  A Career In EDP services

 If you are considering pursuing a career in data processing you are expected to get a bachelor’s degree in the university in the below-listed courses:

  • Mathematics. Knowledge of mathematics will help you because the majority of programming and computer science is based on mathematics.
  • Statistics.  This is another major that you should acquire if you want to pursue a career in this field. A knowledge of statistics is very necessary for working with sets of data.
  • Computer science. This course is essential if you want to be a software engineer or a programmer as it will help you in working with computers and shows you are an expert in it. You have to be familiar with computers and their systems.
  • Information science. If you are looking forward to working with data sets, then information science is recommended as it deals with how information is been stored and used.

Advantages Of EDP Services  

  • Speed: information that is stored and managed through electronic data processing system is retrieved without delay on the internet.
  • Efficiency:  all your summary documents such as invoices, reports,s, and statements like in the bank can be automatically generated through EDP. It can also store large amounts of data in a form that is easily retrievable.
  • Reduced cost: data processing operations are executed automatically; therefore, human intervention is not required. Once an electronic data processing system is created and implemented, over time it will reduce the cost of managing data by a significant amount.
  • Reduced labor:  in the case of manual data entry, there is always the case of repeated entries. but with EDP such mistakes are eliminated completely.

Best Paying Jobs In EDP Services UK

  1. Cloud engineer- 
  2. GCP Data processing specialist
  3. Data analyst
  4. Data entry assistance
  5. Data modeler
  6. Data programmer
  7. Data operations executive
  8. Data processor
  9. Data Processing administrator.

Best Paying Jobs In EDP Services USA

  1. Data Scientist
  2. DevOps Engineer
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Security Engineer
  6. Project Manager
  7. Product Designer
  8. Database  Developer
  9. Solutions Architect
  10. Data Analyst

Best Paying Jobs In EDP Services Nigeria

  1. Database Developer
  2. Cyber Security Analyst
  3. Software Developer
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Systems Administrator
  6. Data Architect
  7. Data Engineer
  8. Database Administrator
  9. Software Engineer
  10. Solutions Architect

Best Paying Jobs In EDP services

Generally, there are some selected high-paying jobs in EDP services this is because people who are working in EDP are wanted in almost all organizations. due to the necessity of their expertise they are been well paid and compensated. 

Best paying jobs in EDP services include:

Solutions Architect

The solutions architect with 1-4 years of working experience earns an average of 4,050,000 that is including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay this is based on 6 salaries. While a solutions architect with 5-9 years of working experience earns an average and total compensation of 7,000,000 this is based on 8 salaries.

The reason for the high pay in this job is because they are problem solvers in the organization. Solutions architect looks at the environment of the organization to know the technologies that are available and also know the type of software product that should be developed in order to provide the best solution for the problems that need to be solved in that organization. They are the ones who design, describe, and also manage the solution.

Systems Administrator

They have a total of 200,000/month( with a base pay of 150,000 and an additional pay of 50,000) the additional pay could include a cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing. Although the pay varies from company to company.

Systems administrators are the ones responsible for organizing, installing, and supporting the organization’s computer systems. They include both the local area networks (LAN) and the wide area networks (WAN) and other data communication systems within the company.

Data Architect

Data architects have a base salary of $79k-$160k. Bonus sharing profit ranges from $1k-$29k and total pay of $81k-$180k. This is a whole lot of money. Hurry and become a data architect to enjoy this wholesome lot of money.

Data architects are known for creating database solutions, evaluating requirements, and also preparing design reports. They work hand in hand with database administrators and analysts in order to secure easy access to companies’ data.

 Data Engineer

They have a total salary of $66k-$141k with bonuses ranging from $2k-$16k and profit sharing ranging from $1k-$20k. Their work is to develop technical solutions to improve access to data and data usage, understand data needs, and develop reports, and other tools for business users.

Database administrator

They have an average salary of $82,000. they make use of specialized software in storing and organizing data. Their role in the organization includes installation, configuration, database design, capacity planning, performance monitoring, backup as well as data recovery.

Software Engineer

Software engineers’ average salary in the united states is $127,174 per year and with a cash bonus of $5,000 per year. In Nigeria, they earn around 513,000 NGN which is including housing, transport, and some other benefits.

Software engineers focus on applying principles of engineering to software development. They make use of software programming languages to analyze and modify existing software to meet the user’s needs.

Database Developer

Database developers’ average salary in the US is $96,579 per year. Kin Nigeria earns around 340,000 NGN/ month.

Database developers help the organization in developing, improving, and also in testing, and maintenance of both new and already existing databases in order for users to be able to retrieve their data effectively.

Cyber Security Analyst

Their salary ranges from 65,715- 137,842 NGN depending on your level. Their role is to protect the organization’s software, hardware, and networks from cyber criminals. You should be able to understand the organization’s IT infrastructure be able to monitor it and also evaluate threats that could breach the network.

Software Developer

Software developers’ salaries range from entry-level, mid-level to senior level. Depending on the employer. The entry-level in Nigeria is 118k NGN, Mid-level is 183k NGN, and the senior level is in the range of 151k NGN.

Software developers are responsible for building and designing computer programs that are able to power mobile devices, cars as well as desktop computers. They analyze users’ requests and then research practical solutions to meet those needs.

Data Scientist

A data scientist has an average salary of $141,059 in the US. They make use of their analytical and programming skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data and making use of this information in developing data-driven solutions to difficult organizational problems.

NOTE: all the salary ranges that appear in this article, range between locations and employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Field Pays The Most?

Good jobs are those that pay well and almost all the jobs start with a small salary and then increase with your level of experience in the field. I think for a field that pays the most in the medical field,

Which Field Is Best For More Money?

  1. Fields that are best for more money include:
  2. Real estate developers
  3. Software developers
  4. Digital marketers
  5. Law
  6. Nursing
  7. Business executives
  8. Computer systems and IT manager
  9. Investment bankers
  10. Entertainment professionals
  11. Accountants

Which Software Field Has Highest Salary?

In the software field, all the jobs there are lucrative, but the salary scale depends on your employer and then your level of experience in the field.

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