If you’ve heard there’s no wrong time to go to Hawaii, it’s true. Let’s get to the point: Best Time To Visit Hawaii ?

The Hawaiian Islands are incredible all year through, with warm temperatures and sun-kissed beaches that make Hawaii one of the top tourist destinations for Americans and most international tourists. However, some months are rainier than others, which differs from island to island. The islands’ crowds fluctuate throughout the year as well.

For instance, November is likely to have the most petite people in any month of Hawaii … however, it’s also among the rainiest months of the year. Do you want to visit in June? Averages from the past show that the weather won’t be as wet; however, you’ll have to deal with many more people as families take their children on excursions after school has gone out.

There are many different options and other factors to consider before booking your vacation to Hawaii. Let’s take it all apart.

Best Time To Visit Hawaii: Hawaii Climate Guide

The Hawaiian Islands boast incredibly varied landscapes, including tropical forests, mountains covered in snow, lava deserts, cliffs that plunge into the ocean, and more.

This means you may encounter wildly different weather the same day while exploring an island. Are you planning to visit another island? The climate could be different. It is rare for temperatures to drop 60 degrees or over 90°F below. The rain is all year round in Hawaii; however, there is a tendency to be more rain during the winter, with the highest precipitation in December. The Hawaii hurricane season lasts from June until November, usually speaking.

Be aware that every island will differ in temperature and weather. However, this is what you’ll be able to expect throughout the various seasons when looking for the most favorable weather conditions in Hawaii.

Traveling to Hawaii In the Springtime

The weather could be ideal during the springtime.

The months of March and May in Hawaii have average temperatures in the mid-to-low 80s. The average low is in the 70s. March has the highest amount of rain in spring, which is 3 inches on average; however, by May, the middle falls to just one and a half inches.

After spring break is over to an end, the spring season between April and May is an excellent time to go to Hawaii, stay clear of crowds and high prices in resorts and hotels, and take advantage of the fantastic Hawaii weather.

Traveling to Hawaii In the Summer

The warmest months are the summer in Hawaii, with the lowest rainfall.

June and August are warm in Hawaii, with temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. The average lows range between 72 to 75°. The summer also brings the least amount of rainfall, with an average of just 1 3/4 inches per month.

Summer is Hawaii’s 2nd most popular tourist season due to increased family travel, especially with children on vacation.

Visiting Hawaii In the Autumn

September to November is a time of highs that begin in the low 90s to the high 80s. The average lows fall in the 70s to low 80s. The typical rainfall can vary from 2 1/2 inches to less than 5 inches in November. In addition to November, December is also the month with the highest amount of rain in any month that is in Hawaii.

It is an ideal time to visit these islands if you wish to avoid crowds and benefit from lower hotel prices. Be sure to bring an umbrella.

Going to Hawaii in the winter

The temperatures in December and February can range from mid – to low 80s. The average low is within the 60s to mid-60s. Winter brings the most rainfall, an average of 3.5 inches per month.

The period from mid-December through March is Hawaii’s most popular tourist season. It’s still a fantastic time to travel to Hawaii to escape winter. However, expect increased rates at resorts and hotels and more crowds.

What is the most popular month to visit Hawaii?

Visiting Hawaii in January

January is one of the most popular months to travel to Hawaii.

If you plan to visit in January, you need to plan your trip, as the hotels and resorts will be sold out. January is not just famous for tourists, but there are regular PGA golf tournaments in January on various islands.

January’s average temperature is 81 degrees, and the average minimum of 64 ° with three inches of rain throughout the month.

Visiting Hawaii in February

The month of February is also a popular month to travel to Hawaii.

The average temperature of 81 degrees, and an average temperature of degrees, with three and a half inches of rain during the month.

February is among the rainiest seasons in Hawaii. It’s also very popular with tourists seeking to escape the mainland’s gloomy cold winter weather.

Visiting Hawaii in March

Because of spring break, March will be a hectic month for travel worldwide… as Hawaii isn’t an exception.

March’s average temperature is 82 degrees, and an average temperature of 68 ° with an average of 3 1/2″ of rain during the month.

Many occasions take place during March, such as The annual Honolulu Festival and the Kona Brewers Festival, which could bring in bigger crowds.

Visiting Hawaii in April

The tourist season begins to slow in April, with Easter weekend being the exception.

The average temperature is 84 degrees, and the mean minimum is 70°. The average rainfall drops in April to less than 2 inches during the month, which makes it the perfect opportunity to start planning your vacation to Hawaii.

Visiting Hawaii in May

May is the month that marks the beginning of the season of drought in Hawaii.

The average rainfall is 1 1/2 inches throughout the month. The temperatures are also fantastic, with an average high of 86 degrees and a minimum low of 70 degrees.

May is also among the months with fewer tourists in Hawaii, so rates for resorts and hotels should be less expensive.

Visiting Hawaii in June

Hawaii begins to get hotter in June.

The average June high is 88 degrees, and the average temperature of 72°. The average precipitation is just under 1 3/4 inches during the month.

On the other hand, tourism season begins to ramp up in June, and families are taking advantage of summer vacation.

There are many activities as well as festivals that are held in June on the islands. Two significant occasions include the Kapalua Food and Wine festival, located in Maui in Hawaii, and the King Kamehameha Celebration celebrated across every aisle.

King Kamehameha Day, which falls on June 11th, was created in honor of Kamehameha the Great, who united all of the Hawaiian Islands in 1810 and was the first King of Hawai’i. The celebration of Kamehameha is a celebration of traditional Hawaiian music, dance practice, chant, arts and crafts, and “ono” (delicious) food.

Visiting Hawaii in July

Rain begins and falls in Hawaii in July.

The average July high is 88 °, and its average low at 72 degrees. However, the average rainfall is more than 2 1/4 inches throughout the month.

The Prince Lot Hula Competition, organized through the Moanalua Gardens Foundation, takes place each year on the third weekend in July in the islands of Oahu. Since the year 1970, it has been the Moanalua Gardens Foundation has had the aim of conserving and protecting the natural and cultural assets of Hawaii.

Visiting Hawaii in August

Are you looking for some warmth? August is the most humid month in Hawaii.

The average temperature is 90 degrees, and the mean lowest temperature is 75 degrees. The average rainfall is less than 1 1/4 inches throughout the month.

August is slower than the high-season traffic like July and June experience, but then it starts to slow down. It could be a place to plan a summer getaway, as long as you’re okay with the hot!

Visiting Hawaii in September

As the children return to classes, the tourist industry in Hawaii begins to slow down for a few months, starting in September.

The mean high temperature for September is 90 ° in Hawaii, and the average low of the 73-degree mark. Hawaii averages two and a half inches of rainfall in September. It is smaller than the more rainy months as autumn begins to take shape.

Visiting Hawaii in October

The month of October in Hawaii is hectic, with Hawaii’s Hawaii International Film Festival, the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, the Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival, and the Eo E Emalani I Alakai Festival all happening on their different islands.

The average temperature for the Hawaiian Islands in October is around 88 degrees, with the lowest temperature being 73.

The rain on the islands also increases and averages approximately 3 1/4 in rainfall in October.

Visiting Hawaii in November

If you’re planning to attend this year’s annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival on the Big Island, you can anticipate good conditions (as always) throughout Hawaii. The month of November, however, is the rainiest in Hawaii.

The November rains in Hawaii average 5 inches, which makes them one of the rainiest seasons in Hawaii. The average temperature for high temperatures in November is 84, and the mean low is 72.

Visiting Hawaii in December

To complete the season, December offers an average high of 82 ° and an average minimum of 66 degrees which makes for ideal run conditions during the Honolulu Marathon, which is held in the month each year.

December can also be extremely heavy and averages 3 1/2 inches. However, islands could have significantly more snowfall in some years in December.

The Best Time to go Whale Watching in Hawaii

The best season to view whales and whales off Hawaii is between November and May.

This is when Pacific whales come back into the warmer waters of the Islands to breed, give birth and care for their babies.

This is the Best Island in Hawaii to See Whales

Whales can be seen on the beaches of virtually every Hawaiian island; however, one particular spot is distinctive: Maui.

The Auau Channel between Maui, Molokai, and Lani is among the most popular places to watch whales. Lahaina is a town situated along the west coast of Maui and is home to numerous whale-watching tours. Additionally, Lahaina also offers excellent beachfront restaurants and shops.

Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing originated in Hawaii and is extremely well-known today.

You can learn to surf or see the pros at work on any island.

The Best Time to Surf in Hawaii

It is possible to surf all year long in Hawaii.

However, if you’re searching for the giant swells that will test your abilities, some seasons and spots are more suitable than others. From November to February, the shores to the north and west of Oahu are the places to find the most extensive and substantial waves.

Do you need to be a better surfer? Learn to surf! There is a small-sized group or one-on-one surfing class on nearly every island. Airbnb Experiences is a fantastic place to find a local to take the course.

The Best Times to watch Surfing in Hawaii.

The season of big waves is from November through February each year.

You can catch surfers on any island, but the biggest competitions occur on Oahu. Oahu’s North Shore of Oahu is the ideal place to see the best athletes competing in world-class events.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii to avoid the crowds

The ideal time to travel to Hawaii to avoid crowded beaches and resorts is between mid-April and mid-June. September through mid-December.

Statistics on monthly visitors provided by the Hawaii Tourism Authority indicate that the peak tourist season in Hawaii generally runs from mid-December to April’s end and early April. If you plan to travel to Hawaii during this time, expect hotels and resorts to be sold out quickly.

The second busiest period of the year usually falls between mid-June and September’s end, when numerous families with kids are taking summer break in town.

What is the Cheapest Date to Visit Hawaii?

Since mid-April through mid-June and September through mid-December are the peak seasons for tourism in Hawaii, There are discounts.

Hotels and resort prices tend to be lower, as do tours. Since demand is low, there are also lower flights to Hawaii these months.

Regarding booking flights, there are better times to locate or book cheap flights. However, the most affordable flights to Hawaii can also be found in the fall months.


I’m convinced you now know the Best Time to Visit Hawaii IN 2024, After going through this comprehensive guide. Still got questions? Drop them In comment.

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