How To Migrate To Australia From Nigeria In 2024

This post on how you can relocate from Nigeria to Australia in Nigeria is an entire guide for Nigerian citizens who want to relocate to Australia. Australia Made Simple is the most effective resource to assist families, as well as individuals and businesses, to migrate to Australia. Let’s get started.

Australia will be welcoming Nigerians with permanent residency in Australia. They are able to choose between more than 400 jobs. This guide can help when you’re thinking of emigrating from Australia and working in Australia.

The number of migrants who have come from Nigeria into Australia has grown by 11.88 percent annually which makes it one of the biggest migration routes for skilled capital around the globe. Over 300,000 Nigerians are now calling Australia their home.

Why should you migrate from Nigeria to Australia?

People come to Australia from Nigeria due to a variety of reasons. They may be looking to make an ideal life for their children and make their lives more balanced as well as to study more or simply escape the rush and noise.

Many people who relocate to Australia, coming from Nigeria are driven by family or personal motives. It’s a long-held goal for many but it’s also a means to enhance the standard of their lives.

It is possible to live near the ocean, with its vast sandy beaches. This could be a time of reunion with family members or friends, or a return visit to the place where they made wonderful memories during their time going to school in Australia.

Many people relocate to Australia to establish the doors of a new venture, expand the existing company or take advantage of Australia’s numerous opportunities.

Australian Immigration is a fantastic alternative for Nigerians who are looking to relocate to Australia. 

In the case of relocating out of Nigeria to Australia and back, both Nigerian citizens and expatriates are treated in the same way.

Australia is a wonderful location to live and work

Access to Medicare (Australia’s top-quality medical system)

Education for Children

How to Relocate From Nigeria to Australia.

A lot of people who are thinking about moving out of Nigeria to Australia are likely to be considering a permanent migration in the back of their minds. The first visas you must consider are the 491 and 189 Australian Visa Subclasses. The holders (and their immediate family members) may apply for 193 and 189 Australian Permanent Residency visa classes.

The best part is that holder who resides in Nigeria and holds a visa of 189 or 190 can change their permanent residence visas into Australian citizenship.

Skilled Work Visa 491 Regional is offered in 14,000 positions each year. This visa is designed for qualified immigrants (points-tested) and is able to be converted into full-time permanent residency status.

A 491 application must be sponsored by a relative or a state government nomination. The applicants for 491 must not exceed 45 years of age and must be able to pass tests of skills.

Visa holders can travel between different regions. Any area that isn’t Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane is considered to be a regional zone.

How to Apply to Immigrate to Australia From Nigeria

You are not able to seek a visa for residing within the United States without a job offer. The employer you are considering hiring must be able to be the one to sponsor you in order to apply for the Visa and Permit.

What is the cost of airfare from Nigeria to Australia?

Take a flight between Nigeria to Australia starting at USD 7,381.

Can I find an employment opportunity to work in Australia in Nigeria?

It’s not possible because you’re not an Australian resident. It is not possible to pursue a degree in Australia without an official work visa. This means that you’re supported by a company for your skills or have the money to pay for it. The cost of cross-subsidization is high to pursue a degree in Australia.

What is the Maximum Age to Move to Australia?

Candidates must fall between the ages of 18 and 55. But, applicants who are older than 55 may be considered if their talents and contribution will be of immense value to members of the Australian community.


What is the cost of an Australian visa For Nigeria?

An Australian Study Visa costs AUD650 or 188,000 Nigerian naira. The cost of the visa and its duration is determined by your purpose.

What skills are needed for a job in Australia?









Social worker




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