The aging population of Canada and lower birth rates have led to more opportunities for immigrants to be employed.

In the process, Canadian employers are now seeking immigrants with the required qualifications to ensure that their businesses are running. 

Although Canadian firms don’t have to sponsor employees from outside the country, they can aid in submitting the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) on behalf of you in the name of Employment and Social Development (ESDC) Canada. 

The department aims to raise the quality of life and the quality of life for residents of Canada. They monitor the labor market and make sure there are equitable and equal employment policies are in place. This is the most difficult aspect of being a worker in Canada.

Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) can allow applicants to submit an application for an employment visa. 

The process of obtaining a work permit in Canada is a must during your travels. Ensure that you’re hired by a firm that’s willing to complete the procedure for you and pay for the cost associated with the process.

Here are five Canadian companies that sponsor foreign Workers.

5 Canadian companies that sponsors Foreign Workers


The Bank of Nova Scotia commonly referred to as Scotiabank is a multinational Canadian financial and financial services corporation that is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. 

It is the third-largest Canadian bank in terms of deposit and market capitalization and is one of Canada’s Big Five banks.

The bank has a variety of careers that are based on your interest and direction. If you are interested in building connections, you might find yourself working with the Retail Banking team. Are you looking to create online experiences that are seamless and safe? Join the technology department of your bank and be part of what’s next in banking.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge of finances, think about financial and accounting jobs open positions. Discover more about how to use Commercial Banking in order to help clients grow their businesses. 

You could even earn and improve your skills while working with the top companies in the industry when you join Scotiabank’s Global Banking and Markets division.

Scotiabank’s name is derived from its employees. The openness of their culture fosters the diversity of their employees, and their numerous awards stem from their positive environment. 

They are known for their support of the development of professionals, innovative ideas, and mutual respect. 

Their welcoming workplace is an inviting space for foreigners. 

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2-Elastic Path

The next entry on the list of Canadian firms that support international workers is Elastic Path. 

Elastic Path is a headless commerce solution that integrates template-free eCommerce as middleware in Enterprise Resource Planning. 

It is an API-based solution and is targeted primarily toward Enterprise-level companies. 

There are many opportunities at this company based in Vancouver, including HR, Business Development Marketing and Sales, Product Development, and many more.

3-P&H Farming

One of the largest Canadian companies that support overseas workers is Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H).

It is a Canadian family-owned firm with more than 100 years of agriculture experience. 

Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited provides assistance to Canadian producers and food producers who sell their crops and baked goods for the local and global markets. 

Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited makes use of its established assets, solid relationships with customers, and ongoing infrastructure improvement to support Canadian farmers right from seed until final export and every step between.

Since agriculture is a major sector in Canadian farms, companies such as P&H seek to hire foreign workers to help fill the labor shortage and make sure there is always food available. 

Although farming is unskilled work, having prior experience and being younger can help your application.



Another method of finding sponsorship opportunities in Canada is by looking at financial institutions. 

KPMG operates as an auditing and tax advisory firm with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. 

They not only offer opportunities in the finance industry for experienced professionals and executive managers, they also provide jobs to students in training too. 

They market themselves as open to all and place diversification and equality at the top of their hiring process.KPMG Canada is committed to providing a friendly and inclusive and accessible workplace where everyone can contribute their whole themselves to the table.

They believe that workplace diversification, inclusion, and equality benefit the business and improve the workplace culture. 

This also allows the business to build relationships with its customers, colleagues, and communities.

The diversity of their staff reflects how diverse their clients and the communities operate. These values are reflected in their diverse workforce.


5-Google Canada

With its headquarters located in Toronto, Google Canada has an extensive international staff network. Jobs are open to all jobs that include Engineering and Technology, Sales, Legal, and Design. Since Google is an equality company that doesn’t discriminate against race or color, nationality, disability, or gender. 

Your chances of being employed in this branch of the company in Canada are greater in the event that you have years of work experience and have the ability to communicate in English or French proficiently. 

There are many sponsorship opportunities in Canada that are available on Google.


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