Let’s face facts: You’re a skilled person, but you want more. You are confident that you have what it takes to become great. But it would help if you had support to get there.

This is where the Google Africa Developer scholarship comes in. Pluralsight has partnered with them for the third year to offer a program to help software developers in Africa in three different roles.

  • Associate Android Developer
  • Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Mobile Web Specialist

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship gives participants free access to selected courses, projects, embedded labs powered by Qwiklabs, and skill assessments. Plus, support from the Google Developer Community.

Developers will benefit from the program’s resources to help them acquire the skills needed for Google certification. Past participants have built meaningful projects in their communities, made remarkable career moves, and even been Google-certified as engineers and developers.

The number of applicants to this program is minimal, so don’t delay! Based on their Pluralsight content consumption and other target demographics, applicants will be given priority for advancement.

You must be at least 18 and a citizen of a country within Africa to be eligible to apply for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program. Only one learning track/role can be registered.

About Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024

Pluralsight and GrowwithGoogle have partnered in the last year to create a program to help software developers in Africa in two different roles.

  • Associate Android Developer
  • Associate Cloud Engineer

The Google Africa Developer scholarship (GADS) has supported aspiring African developers to learn Pluralsight Skills. The Google Developer community sponsors this program.

This program gives you access to high-quality Pluralsight skills training and support from the GADS program and the Google Developer Community to help you master critical Google technologies.

Learn and Stay Motivated

Necessary: To participate in the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program, you must have at least 18 years of experience and be a resident in one of Africa’s countries. You can only register for one track/role.

To be eligible for additional courses, you will need to show your dedication to learning the technology skills by:

  • Register for the chosen track. Only one track will be available to applicants as per the selection made during the onboarding survey.
  • All requirements must be met to progress to the next stage.

Each phase can be advanced to help you learn in-demand Google developer skills using expert-authored Pluralsight material. After the program, you’ll have skills that will allow you to get jobs.

Tip If a course is viewed or a skill assessment is taken during one phase, it counts towards that phase and any subsequent phases.

Phases and advancement criteria

Phases of promotion and application

Timeline: May 11 – June 10, 2024, 11:59 Mountain Time (UTC – 6)

What access do you have?

  • Custom Pluralsight experience
  • Curated Pluralsight channels, including Skill IQ

How to Advance:

  • Register for the program. Register for the program by completing the onboarding survey. You will be redirected to Pluralsight once you’ve completed the survey.
  1. Learning phase


What do you get access to:

  • There is more content on the track you selected.

What do you need to move

  • Get 100+ SkillIQ points for both tracks
  • –or–
  • Do 10+ hours of track-specific content.

Learning phase 2

Timeline TBD

Access to

  • There is even more content on the track you choose.

What do you need to move

  • Track-specific SkillIQ is 200+ or complete 20+ hours track-specific content.

Phase 2 of the Project

Timeline TBD

What access do you have?

  • Access to a project on your track.

What do you need to move

Android Developer

  • Get 200+ track-specific SkillIQ points or watch 20+ hours track-specific content.
  • Completing your project: Add Implicit & Explicit Intents for an Android Candy Store App.

Cloud Engineer

  • Save 200+ on Architecting With Google Cloud Platform Infrastructures SkillIQ. Or, watch 20+ hours of track-specific video.
  • Complete 100% Qwiklabs for the “Architecting using Google Cloud Compute Engine” learning pathway (must be completed on both Qwiklabs or Pluralsight).

Pluralsight, and other partners who make this offer available, may alter the selection criteria at their discretion. Additional criteria for selection include most content viewed, highest Skill IQ, and first-come-first-serve.

Course Learning Tips for Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024

You will find tools on the Skills course details page to help you succeed.

To begin each course, click Start Course. You’ll find these additional learning aids below that button:

  • Clickable transcript of the course.

Not all Pluralsight courses contain transcripts. Each week we add transcripts.

  • Exercise files to download. This file will contain the slides deck as a PDF. Others will receive a file that allows them to code with the author.
  • A discussion board where you can ask questions and network with other learners
  • Learning checks. Learning checks can help to gauge the learning you’ve made from a course.

These are the features you should be looking for in the video player:

A. Skip ahead or backwards for 10 seconds

B. Many courses allow closed captioning. The translation tool can be used if closed captions are available in the course.

C. Speed up or slow down the course playback.

D. Adjust the video playback and caption quality using the Settings cogwheel. Also, give feedback about the course.

What courses are available with the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program 2024?

You can continue to be eligible for access to the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program if registered. To select your track, go to this.

It is possible to view which courses and channels you have access to and the skills assessments you should take for your particular track. Channels are lists that group courses by topic.

Skill assessments are used to assess your skill level, identify gaps, and track your progress over time. Each phase will see new courses added to the list.


Google Africa Developer Scholarship is a program that aims to reach out to aspiring developers and help them gain the skills needed to secure a job in technology after the program has ended. Developers will benefit from the resources this program provides, allowing them to acquire the skills required for their Google certification. Past participants have built impactful projects in their communities and made remarkable career progresses. They even became Google-certified developers or engineers.

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