16 Highest Paying Jobs Without A degree  2024

Although it’s a fantastic option to invest in your future, it’s not appropriate for all.

A college degree could be a path to a greater level of success however 43.2 million Americans have graduated from the college system with an average amount of $39.351 of student debt. Get inspiration from the likes of college dropouts such as Steve Jobs and Racheal Ray and start building wealth without a college degree. Find the top 16 pay jobs with no degree to discover your way to financial and professional success.


16 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree  2024

1-  Firefighting Supervisors

Supervisors in this profession are accountable for overseeing the work of firefighters, as well as any other employees involved in the fight against fire and its control. Supervisors of firefighting are the leaders of their teams and are responsible for relaying fire information to the entire personnel, directing medical aids, assessing the severity of fires, and directing firefighters to save and put out fires. 

You could climb into this position of supervisory within under five years, and begin earning more than the average median income within the United States.

Education: Nondegree degree postsecondary On-the-job education

years of experience: less than 5 years

The median income is $77,800.

Proposed Jobs 4400

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2. Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians


Avionic service and repair technicians conduct routine maintenance and repairs to aircraft. After high school, technicians and mechanics may pursue technical training and obtain a certificate at an aviation technician training school which is endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

Another option is to begin learning on the job under regular supervision to build enough experience so that you can be certified. The responsibilities include fixing mechanical or electrical issues and fixing parts that are related to wings, brakes, and other electrical parts.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent, or a similar level of training in technical fields

Years of Experience: Nil

Median Income $64 310

Estimated Employment 7.300


3. Managers of Agricultural Operations

Agricultural managers, farmers, and ranchers earn a good income from dairy, livestock, or other crops. It is typical for this job to require education in high school to begin, however as farming management becomes more complicated, a second education may be required.

The number of positions for agricultural managers is expected to shrink as farms get more efficient, however around 81,000 jobs are expected to be created every year over the next decade. You should consider this profession for yourself if you like working outdoors in the fields or with animals.

Education A high school diploma or equivalent

Experience in Five or more years

The median income is $71,160

Proposed Jobs: 61,600


4. Theatrical Performer Makeup Artists

The makeup artists that apply makeup to theatrical performances are paid well for their efforts and artistic skills. 

Theatrical makeup artists usually employ makeup to communicate an atmosphere or a particular time which enhances the actor and their performance. Their work requires the utmost precision in creating the duplicate appearance of actors regularly and they are skilled in applying various substances to create their look.

Education Nondegree postsecondary award

Experience in Years: Nil

Median Income Median Income: $75,730

Job Projected 500


5. Electrical Power Line Repairers and Installers


This job involves managing and installing the power grid and entry-level jobs require a high school certificate. 

Electric power line technicians set up power line networks, and repairers maintain high-voltage lines and towers, or even traffic and street lights. 

Common tasks include checking electricity lines and determining faults on the power grid and climbing poles to create power lines. Electrical technicians and line repairers work in hazardous environments off the ground, as well as with high-voltage electric power. 

The risk is mitigated by the robust projected growth in employment and compensation.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent, work-related training

Years of Experience: The number of years is nil.

The median income is $72,520.

Job Projected for the year: 1,116,900


6. Lighting, Media, and Communication Equipment Workers

The people employed in the field of lighting or as media or communication equipment technicians are paid well for their work. 

The field of work has high rates of work in the following areas: radio and television broadcasting motion picture and video, colleges and universities, leasing and rental services, and the federal government. 

You can begin this career by receiving a high school diploma and completing short-term on-the-job training.

Education Diploma from a high school or equivalent, or on-the-job education

Experience in Years: Nil

Median Income $73,460

Job Projections; 1300


7. Mechanical Supervisors

The job entails supervising the work done by mechanics and repairers or installers. 

Technician supervisors manage scheduling work assignments and schedule depending on the skill of an employee and performance, evaluating the performance of employees, ensuring the safety standards, and investigating any incidents. 

It’s under five years to attain a supervisory position and, with a three percent job growth forecast, it is likely to advance to this position quickly.

Education Diploma from High School or equivalent

Experience in less than 5 years.

The median income is $67,460.

Estimated Employment 13300


8. Transportation Storage, Distribution, and Transportation Managers


The highest-paying job with no degree involves all the activities that involve the coordination and planning of transportation, distribution, or storage. 

Storage, transportation or distribution supervisors are accountable for overseeing these functions according to the regulations of the government and company policies. 

They are responsible for organizing and implementing safety measures for warehouses, monitoring, receiving, shipping, storing, and testing the products, and integrating logistics with the business processes. 

With only a high school diploma with five years of experience in getting things where they have to be, you can level up to this position with a more lucrative salary.

Education: A high school diploma or equivalent

Years of Experience Five or more years

Median Income $94,560

Job Projected 4,900


9. Construction and Supervisors of Extraction


Supervisors of workers in extraction and construction supervise and oversee work activities and make sure the safety requirements are adhered to at work sites. 

The typical timeframe is 5 or more years of working in extraction or other construction-related trades to be able to fulfill the position. With this sector expanding faster than the average of 5 percent after you have the skills there’ll be numerous job openings to be found.

Education Diploma from High School or equivalent

Experience in Five or more years

Median Income $66210

Proposed Jobs 33,000


10. Detective and Police Supervisors


The supervisors are first-line in the field of directly supervising detectives and police officers and they are experts in coordinating investigations into criminal instances. 

They are responsible for the training and management of the personnel to ensure that police operation are conducted as per the laws. With only the requirement of a high school diploma to be eligible, you’ll earn a handsome reward for your rise through the ranks of the police force, earning an average salary of six figures.

Education A high school diploma or equivalent

Years of Experience: less than 5 years

Median Income $91,090

Proposed Jobs 6.600

11. Commercial Pilots

In contrast to airline pilots who typically require an undergraduate education, commercial pilots do similar tasks without one. 

Commercial pilots operate and pilost aircraft, like aircraft and helicopters which aren’t associated with airlines. Their duties include planning and inspecting the conditions of aircraft as well as preparing flight plans, interacting with air traffic controllers, and piloting aircraft. Contrary airline pilots usually conduct flights that are not scheduled like charter flights and aerial tours.

Education A high school diploma or equivalent Commercial pilot’s license

Age of Experience: Less Than 5 Years (500 up to 1500 hours of minimum flight experience)

Median Income $86,080

Proposed Jobs for the year: 45,400


12. Police Officers

If you’re 21  years old or more and possess a high school diploma as well as an active driver’s license, and you’re a U.S. citizen, becoming an officer in the police force is a viable career choice for those who do not have the degree. 

Alongside these prerequisites, you must pass both the physical and written exams that are required to be passed before becoming an aspiring police cadet. Police cadets usually go to the training academy to be taught about federal as well as local law, civil rights, and ethical standards. 

They also undergo on-the-job instruction to be competent to carry out tasks like police control of traffic, self-defense, and first aid as well as patrol and emergency response. After passing the training and the series of tests, they can be police officers.

Education Diploma from a high school or equivalent, on-the-job training

Years of Experience: Nil

The median income is $65,170.

Proposed Jobs 40,600


13. Installers of Elevator and Escalator as well as Repairers

Repairers and installers of escalators and elevators are charged with fixing, maintaining, and installing lifts as well as movable walkways. 

This job requires workers to be at a high altitude and in cramped places. Full-time employees may be required to work over the clock or be available for extended days. Despite their working conditions, they’re paid well. Start your journey towards becoming an elevator or repairer of escalators or elevators by earning a high school diploma and then gaining experience through an apprenticeship.

Education: Achieving a high school diploma or equivalent, or apprenticeship

years of experience: less than 5 years

Median Income $84 990

Proposed Jobs 30800


14. Transportation Inspectors

Another career in transportation that pays an excellent salary without a degree requirement is to be a transportation inspector. 

This position is responsible for checking equipment or products that are involved when it comes to transporting persons or cargo.

 Inspectors may specialize in rail transportation, freight, or any other vehicle. 

The job involves examining shipping containers for security, logging shipping conditions and handling, observing loads to ensure compliance, and providing expert advice when storing hazardous or heavy cargo. This job is an excellent alternative to becoming an executive in the field of transportation.

Education: Diploma from a high school or equivalent, on-the-job training

Years of Experience: Nil

Median Income Median Income: $75,820

Proposed Jobs 700


15. Non-Retail Sales Supervisors

In this capacity, they manage sales employees who are not retail and are also able to take on responsibility for budgeting and accounting. Supervisors of non-retail sales supervise their staff and assist in meeting sales targets and solving issues related to products or services. Although the job of this position is expected to decrease, the current landscape of jobs suggests a strong field, with 409,800 employees employed in 2019.

Education Diploma from High School or equivalent

Years of Experience: less than 5 years

Median Income $74,760

Projected Jobs: -34.100


16. Subway and Streetcar Operators


With just a high-school degree and some on-the-job education, you can operate subways and suburban trains as well as streetcars at a cost of over $60,000. 

As a subway or streetcar conductor, you transport passengers by controlling the streetcar or train controls, driving and controlling the train or streetcar on a railway, and executing emergency procedures when required. This is a high-paying transport job, but it doesn’t need the managerial level to earn a decent salary.

Education Diploma from a high school or equivalent, on-the-job training

Years of Experience: Nil

Median Income: $67,880

Proposed Jobs 600.


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