It is not easy to find a job in Canada without experience, but it is possible. Many jobs are available in Canadian businesses for fresh graduates or professionals with a degree and professionals with experience.

In this article, we are going to look at the top ten jobs you can do in Canada as a foreigner, even without prior experience

Top Ten Jobs in Canada for foreigners without experience In 2024

1-Transportation And Logistics Jobs

A lot of transportation and logistics-related jobs in Canada don’t require previous knowledge or experience. In the transportation and logistics industry, there are several career prospects to which fresh candidates can apply, like Truck driving roles, warehouse careers, supply chain and logistics professions, customer service careers, sales careers, operations careers, and engineering/technology human resources careers.

The median Canadian pay for logistics and transportation is between 28.650 dollars and $48,598 per year.

These are the best Canadian firms where you can find a wide range of job opportunities:

1-XPO Logistics

2-FedEx Logistics is a service offered by 2-FedEx.

3-DHL Logistics Company

4-UPS Logistics service

5-Yusen Logistics Partner


2. Kitchen Helper

Average Annual Salary: $26,000-$48,000

Assist at the well-known restaurant in Max’s Restaurant – Cuisine of the Philippines in Vancouver. No prior experience or formal education is needed. You’ll be required to do the following:

  • Sort orders placed by customers
  • Dishwashing
  • General cleaning
  • Special handling of food items

A position similar to this in the food service sector can be a major opportunity for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves in the management of restaurants, such as a host, chef, or even a product handler. Training on the job will help you climb the ladder of success.

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3. Exhibit Cleaner

Average Annual Salary: $16,400-$52,200

You can work for the Ontario Science Centre with this chance. the Ontario Science Centre is seeking people who are highly motivated to clean and dust, wash and take care of exhibits’ special objects, prototypes, and structures for big exhibits and projects.

Although no prior experience is required for this job, however, you might need to be able to satisfy the requirements listed below criteria to meet the requirements:

  • Display your skills in cleaning and keeping exhibits clean
  • Basic computer capabilities
  • Be familiar with how to use hand tools
  • Know how to read the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Make use of ladders and be capable of lifting heavy objects

4. Seasonal Nursery Workers 

Average Annual Salary: $26,325-$$35,100

The seasonal agricultural industry is well-known in Canada. It is not necessary to be a professional before you start, however, you can be hired again for the following season and increase your knowledge and career. It is the Eagle Rock Division hires workers in Vancouver to harvest cones from the coniferous regions in Canada.

Although it’s physical work that requires you to climb ladders and perform work in various weather conditions, this is a steady job that provides on-the-job education and an innovative work environment with a variety of possibilities for advancement.

5. Caregiver

Average Annual Salary: $27,300-$34,125

Companies such as Home Instead will provide on-the-job training and invaluable experiences. It is a good idea to work with Home instead. 

Senior Care is an organization that provides a wide range of non-medical options that permit seniors to live in the comfort of their homes and confront the difficulties of aging in respect, care, and compassion. Although job advertisements will state whether and if not, the ads will specify what is expected from you. For instance, to be a Home Instead caregiver with no work experience, these are a must-have:

  • You must have an active driver’s license and insurance for your car.
  • You must be able to communicate with ease in English or French. Be patient and welcoming.
  • Conduct a background investigation and possess clear police records


6. Cashier

Average Annual Salary:$29,441 -$34,701

Did you know you could reside and be employed in Canada as a cashier? This fantastic opportunity is located in the bustling city of Toronto. 

Valu-Mart has a variety of positions available if you are just beginning your career, are returning to work, or seeking a new job. They need a team player with excellent communication skills, who can manage clients and cash, help customers and assist the department with promotions.

7. Packaging

Average Annual Salary:$22,880-$41,600

The next entry to this job list available in Canada for non-Canadians with no experience is packaging for food production. Rich Products Corporation is a family-owned food business located in Erie, Ontario. Their products are used in households and restaurants and bakeries across the world and range from cakes and frostings to pizza and appetizers and other specialty toppings.


8. Room Attendant

Average Annual Salary: $25,867-$35,526

Hyatt Regency Vancouver is a leading hotel in the industry. A position in the housekeeping department like this one does not require any prior experience and on-the-field training is provided. Room Attendants are responsible for cleaning all guest rooms, executing Hyatt standards of service with guests from both guests both internal and guest guests who visit, and keeping the room attendant carts, service areas, and closets spotless. The benefits of this include:

  • Hyatt worldwide offers discounted accommodation facilities.
  • and beverage discounts. and drinks discount
  • Assistance with tuition
  • Professional development that is excellent and training


9. Residential Driver

Average Annual Salary: $29,250-$44,068

Waste Management is one of the top providers in North America of complete services for waste and environment services. They’re committed to building an operational excellence foundation and professionalism and financial capacity. 

Through a collection network that includes operations including transfer stations landfills, recycling facilities, and waste-based energy production projects, WM serves nearly 25 million customers across North America’s commercial, residential industrial, and market for municipal services.

The ideal candidate must be over the age of 18 and possess a valid driver’s license and possess an unblemished criminal record.


10. Dishwasher

Average Annual Salary: $26,000-$32,561

Compass Group Canada is a huge food service company that employs thousands of employees. 

They provide schools, colleges hospital offices as well as senior living communities, places of interest, sports venues remote camps, military facilities, and other locations with their services. They operate in Canada across every major city, and in over 50 other countries.

The company is prepared to educate successful candidates in the workplace. In addition, benefits for employees will be provided. The candidate who is selected must possess:

  • A valid food Handler Certificate or provincial equivalent is required.
  • Previous experience with dishwashing is recommended however it is not mandatory.
  • Ability to perform in a high-speed working environment
  • Experience working with Industrial washing machines is highly recommended but is not necessary.
  • The ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Physical fitness is required to perform the job duties


Are you a foreigner in Canada and searching for jobs you can do, which does not require experience, the answer is yes.

You can still find a job in Canada even if you lack work experience.

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