How to study in Canada without IELTS

It is common for those who want to pursue a degree in Canada to pass the IELTS. Does it make sense to learn at all in Canada in the absence of IELTS? (This is an example of questions to be addressed in this post). Canada is now a popular location for students from abroad. However, certain students are not able to avail the benefits of pursuing a degree in Canada due to IELTS’s requirements.

IELTS is the abbreviation of the International English Language Testing System. It is an internationally standardized test that tests a candidate’s proficiency in the English language. IELTS is managed jointly by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English. It was created in 1989.

Students who want to pursue their studies in another country, especially in Canada, should be able to pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing) System). Today, the IELTS test is not a requirement in many Canadian universities. In addition to the IELTS costing a lot, candidates must make intense efforts to pass it.

Suppose you wish to pursue your studies without having an IELTS score. In that case, you may make this decision wisely by attending universities in Canada that do not view IELTS as a mandatory criterion. You can find out more here.

How To Study In Canada Without IELTS 2024

Interested candidates can take classes within Canada with no IELTS. It was in effect before the year 2019. In 2019, students who wanted to pursue studies without IELTS were required to think about alternative options to the exam for IELTS. This article will present different options for candidates to select from.

Anyone can study in Canada regardless of whether they are IELTS certified. Here are the conditions for studying in Canada without writing IELTS:

  • Candidates can apply to take classes at some universities in Canada in which IELTS is not required to be taken to gain admission.
  • Certain universities in Canada are willing to accept any prospective student if they provide an official letter from their prior supervisors regarding the applicant’s English ability.

Many universities in Canada accept other types of English proficiency certifications in addition to IELTS.

Alternative English Proficient proof of study in Canada in addition to IELTS

In the majority of Canadian institutions, you can be admitted to a university if you:

  • You’ve attended one of the moderate English universities for more than four years.
  • You are a native of an English-spoken country.
  • You’ve attended the university’s language classes for at least one term or a full year.

Top Universities In Canada That Do Not Require IELTS

Certain rules that govern IELTS scores for admission to Canada require that the applicant is either a native English speaker or a student not from an English country who has completed education with a formal degree of at least three consecutive years in English.

Students who have passed either the A-level or O-level tests also get the IELTS exemption.

Each university has its exemption criteria and requirements to demonstrate an applicant’s English ability to communicate in English.

The following is a complete list of universities within Canada that you could study at even without taking any IELTS test.

  • Carleton university
  • Brock University
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Winnipeg
  • University of Regina
  • Concordia university
  • Memorial university

Some universities mentioned above can accept conditions for admission (like applicants may be required to complete additional language courses during the study). There are a lot of details about the possibility of studying in Canada without having to write an English proficiency test.

Will There Be Visa Issues If IELTS Or TOEFL Scores Are Not Provided

Canada has introduced new regulations on student visas. It allows international students to go to Canada’s universities. However, it also provides them with certain freedoms to work. For instance, whereas prospective students had to demonstrate their desire to pursue a degree in Canada to study in Canada, they now have to prove that they are enrolled in an institution that accepts international students.

So, those interested in applying for visas with no IELTS scores should be sure that they can enroll in the school of their choice that doesn’t require IELTS scores.


In the past, there was no way that a prospective student could go to Canada without an IELTS score. Today, the situation has changed. You can be accepted into certain Canadian universities if you meet additional requirements.


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