Here in this post, I’ll be telling you the Job Duties for a Digital marketing . so If you are a Digital marketer right here, continue reading to find out the major duties and also accredited salaries.

we all know that Digital marketing is required to unveil your business in the digital world. Globally, everything is continually going digital, from entertainment to shopping, and now, working in addition.

Digital marketing is ever-changing, and you have to keep up with the trends.

Almost every business today is leveraging digital channels like websites, mobile apps, search engines, short message services (SMS), social media et al, to reach out to existing and potential customers, hence, making digital marketing the next frontier in career growth and development. 

Without further ado, digital marketing is the promotion of brands, to catenate with potential customers via the Internet and other digital pathways.

To a layman, it is known as online marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the soft skills which brands can leverage with less stress and more turnover, 

The main advantage of digital marketing is that it is cost-effective, and a targeted audience can be reached.

Who is a Digital Marketer Instructor?

As we’ve learned that the role of digital marketing cannot be overemphasized in the business world, it is pertinent to note that they’re preceptors, through which the knowledge of digital marketing can be impacted by the consumers of this knowledge.

A digital marketing instructor is a professional with a diverse set of skills, responsible for teaching students the subject related to marketing in a virtual setting. 

Job Duties for a Digital Marketing and Instructor

Job duties for a digital marketing instructor include:

Preparation of notes/study materials.

Scheduling and administering lecture courses using video-conferencing software or chat applications.

Uploading study materials for each lesson.

Interacting with students via the digital platform used for learning.

Assessing students to ascertain the progress made so far.

This can be achieved by setting quizzes and exams.

Creating academic records with the result of the quizzes taken.


Digital marketing job responsibilities include:

Must be enlightened on search engine optimization, both on-page, and off-page SEO, digital marketing, 

social media marketing, link building, and content creation.

Sound knowledge about affiliate marketing.

Social media outreach using various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, linkedln, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, either through videos or images in order to generate leads and maintain the company’s social media presence.

Ability to carry out keyword research, and create content using the keywords.

Perform google analytics and link building, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing.

Must have knowledge of ranking factors and search engine algorithms.

Have a sound knowledge of how to improve SEO, such as; content linking and making changes to website architecture

Measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns.

Complete website audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, content optimization, etc.

Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies through digital marketing to increase traffic.

Write and create high-quality content, in line with the brand’s descriptions.

Digital Marketing Job Description and Salary

Email Marketing

Of all the digital marketing tools available to both large and small business proprietors,  e-mail is one of the most broadly used.  

This is a form of digital marketing, which uses emails to send industrial messages like advertisements, to a group of people.

Email marketing allows you to target a particular group of customers or even unique individuals, thus, reaching a larger audience.

It is a structure of advertising that can make the clients on your e-mail list aware of new products, discounts, and different services.

This can be achieved, using software like Mailchimp, mailerlite, drip, moosend, and hub spot.

These software programs are great ways to track emails, make your audience bigger, phase your lists, and mix all your advertising channels into an effective tool to enhance your commercial enterprise and earn more revenue.  

The use of email marketing will boost your sales and easily track metrics, and more importantly, helps you keep in touch with customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the science of enhancing a website to enlarge its visibility when humans search for products or services. 

The greater visibility an internet site has on search engines, the more possible it is that brand captures business.

Search engine optimization involves quality content, keyword research, image optimization, meta data optimization, and internal linking.

SEO marketers carry out keyword research and phrases, which consumers are using to search for information online, and use those terms in their content.

The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to get a brand or business to rank higher in google search results, thereby increasing traffic to the website.

Here, contents are indexed, and search engines crawl a website to find contents therein.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a short-term form of digital marketing, in which advertisements are being paid for, to boost and promote search engine results.

It is temporary, meaning that once you’re no longer paying for the ads, it no longer exists.

They’re the ads that pop up while surfing the web.  

Influencer Marketing/Affiliate Marketing

This is a digital marketing job, where celebrities get endorsements from business owners.

This entails working with celebrities that already have the influence to sell products to their audience.

It is worthy to note that celebrities, whose followers have buying power should be used for influencer marketing.

Goods will be displayed on the influencer’s different social media platforms. Not only will purchases be made, but the brand or business will be unveiled to a larger audience, who might need their services in the future.

Content Marketing

Here, content such as digital videos, podcasts, blog posts, e-books, and storytelling are used to create brand awareness 

Most times, the reader takes actions like purchasing the product or signing up for an email list.

Content marketing is a great way for digital marketers to drive sales, using analytic and strategic skills.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of websites and different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, et al, to promote a product or service.

Users share information to increase sales, build brands and also increase website traffic.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising, a form of digital marketing overlaps with many different sorts of advertising. It entails finishing all the everyday tasks which include in-app marketing, texting, and the operation of community messaging apps.

Digital Marketing Salary

The amount a digital marketer earns depends on the area of expertise, the marketer’s location, and experience.

A younger graduate aiming to start a career as a digital advertising manager can expect to earn an average of $41,828 per year. Mid-level digital advertising managers can earn $69,043 per year, while senior-level managers can earn an average of $79,483 per year. 

In the united states, The average salary for a digital marketer is $62,046 per year.

In India, digital marketing is one of the highest-paying jobs.


Practically, every business, whether small scale or large scale, needs digital marketing.

This guide on Job Duties for a Digital Marketing will help to build the business’s credibility.

Digital marketing is the future, with immense opportunities and rewards.

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