If you’ve always wanted to move to Canada, you’ve probably heard the word “LMIA” commonly referred to as Labour Market Impact Assessment, as one of the prerequisites to obtain the Canadian employment permit. But, many don’t know what the meaning of what an LMIA is and precisely how it will effect on the conditions to qualify for a job at an entry level in Canada.

What exactly is LMIA?

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a kind of document that is given to employers that have proof that they’re not in a position to fill important posts with Canadian citizens or residents with permanent residence. 

LMIA permits Canadian employers to hire foreign workers that are untrained or skilled provided they have the right to enter Canada and have the right to the employment visa. 

Let’s review the most sought-after LMIA jobs in Canada in the presently.

LMIA Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

1. Farm Supervisor

Average Salary: $35,939 – $49,286

As mentioned earlier, the agricultural sector is one of the top income streams in Canada and is constantly in need of skilled farmers, but farm supervisors too. 

The Canadian agriculture industry is expanding and is especially booming within the livestock and the horticultural, grain and aquaculture sectors. 

The sector is responsible for greater than 2.3 million jobs in Canada and the need for new jobs is growing. This is one of the major reasons for the multitude of jobs streams and immigration routes that require highly skilled agricultural workers.

Programs such as the Agrifood Pilot, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and different PNP channels are all great options to apply for permanent residency to Canada, and, therefore there is no need for a Canadian work visa. 

If the job you’re applying for is temporary it is necessary to have permits for work.

2. Electrician

Average Salary: $66,300 – $84,088

Alongside managing construction workers, those working in the industry also require various laborers, like electricians. 

Electricians are required throughout the 6 Canadian provinces, which includes Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, The Northwest Territories, and Yukon. 

There is also the possibility to acquire permanent residence in Canada through programs like The Federal Trades Program managed by the Express Entry System, various Provincial Nominee Programs as well as The Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

It’s likely that Atlantic Immigration Pilot may be the ideal option for those who enjoy the beaches and small-town living because it’s not a requirement for employers to have the LMIA which means faster processing.

3. Construction Managers

Average Salary: $92,240 – $142,000

Construction-related jobs are abundant across Canada and especially in provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan which include all provincial regions that are designated as construction managers that are highly sought-after in accordance with the province-wide Nomination Programs (PNPs) as well as several of the most important projects that are expected to be developed in the next few years.

The developments are mostly located in residential zones (almost one-third of them, according to statistics from statistica.com) in the sense that Canada prepares to offer enough space for 1.23 million people who will have to fill out an application for permanent residency in 2024.

4. Registered Nurses

Average Salary: $80,126 – $94,322

The medical field has experienced much stress lately, however Canada has long been in the need of competent and highly skilled health professionals. 

Generally, doctors and nurses are among the most sought-after professions, however registered nurses aren’t just sought-after, they are also highly sought-after in Canada.

You can choose between working with a private or public health provider and both offer a variety of benefits that you could consider. 

For instance, if your job is within Canada’s Canadian Medicare system, you’ll get the benefits of 15 days’ holiday during the first year of work (1,950 hours) that increases as you go on years of employment. 

In addition, you’ll have the option of having access to up to 15 sick time and parental leave for maternity/parental and an average of 93 percent of the pay you earn every week. 

You’ll also be qualified for the health advantages of a public service plan , in addition to other fantastic benefits.

Additional Bonuses: If you have completed your education at an DLI in Canada and have a Canadian student loan in the country, you could qualify to receive loan forgiveness which could be up to $20,000. It is valid for five years.

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5. Oil and Gas Drillers

Average Salary: $67,394 – $103,594

Canada is rich in natural resources and its mining industry creates more than 1.7 million jobs to Canadian nationals or permanent residents, as also qualified foreign employees. 

Canada is the fourth-largest oil reserve in the world. Canada also exports its energy-related resources to 150 countries around the world.

Oil drilling equipment and gas are highly sought-after in Ontario and British Columbia and if you’re applying to one of the immigration programs for instance, for example the BC PNP and the OINP and you’re not eligible, you’ll not require an employment permit because you’ll get permanent residence in the event that you are granted your provincial nominee. This will earn you 600 points to be able to claim permanent residence.

6. Truck Driver

Average Salary: $45,825 – $77,903

The major industries of Canada such as petroleum and agricultural gas mineral and metals and the forestry sector are all highly dependent on Canada’s transportation system and because the sector is expanding at a rapid pace, it’s no surprise that the driver of trucks is among many of the sought-after LMIA jobs in Canada at the moment and will likely stay that way for quite a while.

truck drivers are demanded across almost every province in Canada and certain provinces are equipped with routes to immigration for drivers with a lot of experience. 

You’ll generally need an LMIA to be able to obtain the permit  required to be employed for a driver on a truck, however currently, due to the high demand for workers in certain industries, the government has granted Canadian employers to recruit workers without an LMIA to ease the economic burden.

Foreign workers are not allowed to work, but they have to be isolated for a minimum of two weeks prior the start of work. But they will be paid 1500 dollars to assist them until they get their first salary.

7. Caregiver

Average Salary: $31,955 – $58,000

Since the Canadian population ages and the rate of birth declines, new jobs for caregivers are opening up for foreigners. 

The new programs for caregivers allow caregivers living at home and those who work in childcare live and perform their duties in Canada provided they meet the criteria regardless of their prior work experiences and meet the educational and language prerequisites and have a valid offer of employment in Canada.


8. Web Designers

Average Salary: $80,126 – $94,322

Web developers aren’t only sought-after, however, the demand for them is expected to increase since the number of platforms available on the internet are predicted to increase in the coming few years. 

Canada has been aware of the growing demand for highly skilled tech professionals and has created a range of avenues to obtain an employment opportunity in Canada. 

Alternatives like The Global Talent Stream allow for a rapid process of working visas and highly skilled professionals who can receive their work permits in just two weeks.

The immigration options are BC Tech Pilot along with the popular Express Entry program.

9. Civil Engineer

Average Salary: $66,843 – $102,000

Civil engineering is a career that is highly desired in Canada. 

You’ll not only get an excellent income and lucrative earnings, as well as greater rewards, but you’ll be able to enjoy the best quality of life. 

Civil engineers are sought-after in regions such as New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. 

The benefit of having the most knowledgeable and highly sought-after occupation is that it is possible to apply for virtually every immigration or visa method if you have enough knowledge, experience, and qualifications that are in line with Canadian norms, and high proficiency in English or French. 

Acceptance to a job isn’t necessary in all programs like those offered through The Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Express Entry system, but it is contingent upon the specific program you decide you want to pursue.

10. Software Engineers

Average Salary: $75,596 – $102,000

Tech jobs are highly sought-after in Canada as Canada is well-known for being among the most innovative countries in technological innovation. 

Tech companies have created jobs for less than one million individuals in Canada and cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa  are placed in the top 20 cities that attract new tech talents throughout North America. 

The job market for tech workers is dominated by AI, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and most importantly software development. 

This is why your work is the most crucial for your success in Canada.

To work and reside within Canada for software developers, the best provinces to relocate to is British Columbia and Alberta as both have software engineers on the list as a position highly sought after under the Provincial nominee program, and BC is the home of its own technology, pilot program applicants can process applications between two and three weeks. 

Once you’ve completed 24 months of Canadian working experience, then you’ll be able to seek permanent residence status.

The process of applying for a Canadian visa or a working permit is a long and complex procedure. Because of the stringent timelines and processes to follow, it is possible to make mistakes that may cause you to not be awarded the LMIA position in Canada. With the assistance and assistance of one of our certified and experienced Canadian consultants for immigration (RCICs) and the application process will be smooth.

If you decide to make use of our services which are backed by experts and backed by the government you will receive:

A thorough assessment of the eligibility

An overview of the top of more than 100 visa and immigration programs that you can select from.

A strategy for immigration designed to meet your requirements

Review, and then submit application forms and documents supporting them and

Assistance for each stage of the entire application process.

All you have to do is fill in the application form to be assessed for your eligibility  and we’ll take care of everything else. 


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