If you’re bored with the status quo and are looking for the chance to earn more money and not have to complete four years of study at a university, This article is the perfect one for you. According to us, it is worth investing in a certificate or trade school is a good idea to become an electrician or plumber (or diesel mechanic). Trades and vocational courses are shorter, leading to better salaries over the long term.

Three years of training in the workplace is needed before tradespeople can be considered fully educated and ready to work on their own. They’ll earn more than the basic wage for one year, while students who graduate from universities will be stuck at the bottom on the salary scale for four years of study.

High Paying Jobs In Canada Without Need For University Degree

Here are some which are among the most lucrative jobs for tradespeople that are available without a college degree:

Decorating and painting Decorating and painting $11,110 for the year

Decorating, painting, and hanging papers are one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada. If you want to work as an artist or decorator, you must participate in an apprenticeship program. After that, you will get the certificate of completion from the Ontario College of Trades. In many regions across the country, highly skilled workers are sought-after. The work can be completed without a degree or certification makes it even more attractive since the competition is minimal.

Vehicle repairs: $31,990 each year

It’s not necessary to have academic qualifications to repair vehicles, but you’ll need to be qualified by the mechanic’s education course instead (most garages hire skilled technicians that are certified). After you’ve completed the training in this manner, you’ll have the ability to be employed in garages, fix at the homes of your clients or even open a repair shop for cars.

Construction and heavy equipment’s average annual cost is $38,110.

Another sector that has a significant demand for qualified workers. There are numerous certification programs to operate various heavy machinery and then pass the mandatory examinations at the end of your certification. The financial rewards from this type of job are pretty substantial, mainly if you work for an established construction company.

The price for Diesel mechanics is $43,110 for the year.

To be a successful diesel mechanic, you’ll require an in-depth understanding of the most recent automotive technologies and a lot of practical experience in fixing your clients’ automobiles. Once you’re finished with your day’s work, you’ll be expected to take a written examination, an oral exam, and practice tests, like the inspection of 190 points and an official signature. The requirements for this job are an absolute minimum of two years of training on the job.

Plumbing: $47,510 annually

Many certification programs teach you about residential and commercial plumbing. They can then impart the necessary knowledge to fix leaks, install fixtures and appliances, and build showers, bathtubs, and other plumbing tasks.

Furthermore, you’ll be required to take a test after receiving your certificate. This is a further lucrative job opportunity for people who don’t have prior experience or education in the field since there is a relatively low level of competition.

Electrician: $51,410 for the year

As plumbers, electricians must complete their apprenticeships and pass certification exams. The best part is that electricians can be sought-after and can be found at work without spending hours studying. It is also a career that can make you successful as those with the appropriate skills can create their own company within a couple of years of working knowledge.

Heavy-duty mechanic for machinery 52,000 dollars per year

If you’re an experienced auto mechanic who can utilize heavy equipment such as tractors and cranes, this might be the best option. If you’re an expert with experience and know-how in this area, it is possible to begin your own company quickly. If a significant construction company requires a new tractor or crane, they’ll likely seek out an experienced entrepreneurial entrepreneur instead of requests from different companies.

Professional truckers: $55,410 annually

One of the most efficient methods of earning a large amount of money without going to college is becoming a skilled truck driver. In Canada, it is possible to become commercial truck drivers after only 2 or 1 year of training in either Class I or Class III (depending on the location that you reside in). Your earnings could be $55.41 per hour before tax, and you can purchase the house you’ve always dreamed of!

Operator for cranes: $60,480 per year

If you can operate cranes and want to be an experienced crane operator after you’ve earned your certification and can prove that you can do it, this is an ideal job. The average pay for crane workers employed in Canada is $68,264 per year.

Service technicians in stations of gasoline. $61,120

In a handful of states in the U.S., there are gas stations that pay over $75,000 per year for technicians certified by the American Gas Association (AGA). A year of education and work experience (not counting any job-related experiences) is required to earn the certification.


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