In this blog post on signs your boss is threatened by you, we will explain everything you need to know when you are been threatened by your boss when he wants you to go when he is testing you as well as when he wants you to stay.

 Are you working with a toxic boss that all you do doesn’t interest him any longer? Or is he trying to make the environment uncomfortable for you so that you will quit or that he has seen something good in you and wants to set you up so that your job will be terminated? So, whenever your boss doesn`t feel the way he use to feel around you or he suddenly starts giving you difficult tasks to do, you should know that your boss is up to something. When your boss suddenly starts treating you badly the handwriting is already on the wall.

Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

Once you are working with a boss that was once treating you well and suddenly stops and starts picking at you at any slightest mistake, you should know that the person does not need your services any longer and that he wants you out of his company or office. So, below are the signs to expect as an employee when your boss wants you to go. They are:

1. When your boss starts to assign tasks meant for you to another colleague. once you notice your boss assigning your duty to another person, especially in some organizations where everyone has his own duty. This is just a simple that he does not need you any longer and wants you to go.

2. When he gives you much workload than others and expects you to finish at the same time others are finishing theirs. You should know that he wants you to default so that he can send you away.

3. When you are no longer invited to board meetings like before. Once you are been neglected during board meetings that means your contributions are no longer needed in the company and he wants you to go.

4. When your boss stops giving you credit for your success in the company. At times you find out that the way he praises you before that he doesn’t do it any longer but he praises your co-workers, which means your job is at stake here and he wants you to leave.

5. When your boss wants you to work overtime than your normal working hours.

6. When your boss stops greeting you, accepting your greeting, and also ignoring your messages.

7. When your boss starts keeping a record of the least mistake you make in the company especially if he doesn’t behave like that towards you before. It is a sign that he wants you to leave.

8. When everyone in the office gets a raise in their salary or gets a bonus but you are not included.

9. When everyone in the office is been promoted to a higher position but you are been left out.

Things Your Boss Should Never Say To You 

We understand that you are an employee and your boss is the one that employed you but there are also limits to what your boss can say to you. That you are an employee does not necessarily mean that your boss can talk to you and how. So, below are the things that your boss should not say to you an employee.

1. Saying No to all your suggestions and contributions

2. When your boss tries to remind you that all you do is to wait for payday so that you can receive your salary while in the actual sense you are working hard in that company.

3. When your boss shuts you up every time you want to speak.

4. Your boss telling you that he can not adopt the new strategy that you figured out for the running of the business.

5. When your boss says to you that because he is paying you that you must do whatever he says to you.

6. When he constantly reminds you that you are lucky to be working in his company.

7. He should not tell you to spend more time than before at work.

Signs  Your Boss Is Testing You

Are you interested to know whether your boss is testing you or not? Although, some people get tested by their boss for so many reasons. It might be to test your patience at work or to know your capabilities. So, here is what to expect when your boss is testing you.

1. When your boss increases your workload in the office.

This can be seen as a sign that your boss is testing you in many dimensions. It might be that your boss wants to test your patience and it can also be that he wants to know if you are capable of working under pressure due to the added workload. At times it can be that your boss wants to groom you to become better than you were.

2. When you are asked to work a long time.

This might be your boss testing you and wants to know what your performance is like on some very important tasks that you have been assigned. Also, he might want you to learn more things as well as improve on how you used to do things before.

3. Performing task that is not within your job description.

This is an atypical sign that your boss is testing you as he wants to see whether you are versatile and can perform more than your initial designated tasks very well. With that, you can be able to handle challenging tasks at your place of work as well as learn new ways of doing things.

4. When your boss does not appreciate your efforts.

This is another crucial sign that your boss might be testing you.  Some bosses do this to their employees when they see that there are some areas they expect them to perform very well and the employee is lagging behind or when the employee is lazy and does not do his/her work properly and on time.

5. When your boss  reviews your bad performances

Some bosses like to point out to their employees the things that they are doing that are not good in order for the person to take correction and to know how the person will behave when being told his/her mistakes. They will always test you in that way to know if you take corrections or not.

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You

When you begin to see the below-mentioned signs in your place of work, you should know that your boss is threatened by you.

1. Your boss is threatened by you when he accepts your efforts and results but he now diverts the credit to himself or credits it to another of your colleagues that Is not as productive as you. When this starts to happen at your place of work, you should know that your boss is threatened by you.

2. When your boss is threatened by you, he tries to marginalize your ability to function at a high level.

3. When your boss is threatened by you he defers to you and will publicly change his mind based on your contradictory assertions.

4. When your boss complains about you to other people almost every day, he is threatened by you.

5. When your boss is threatened by you he will not recognize your achievements in the company or organization. Rather than praise you, he will always make you feel like your achievements are nothing and that it doesn’t help the company’s growth.

6. When your boss is threatened by you he gives you a workload to finish within a limited time frame. In that way, he can threaten to sack you if you did not meet up with the time frame given to you.

Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay

When you have seen these signs from your boss, you know he/she wants you to stay.

1. Your boss wants you to stay when he acknowledges every effort you make concerning your company.

2. Your boss wants you to stay when he gives you a raise/bonus as at when due.

3. You will always see your boss speaking well of you to others when he wants you to stay.

4. When your boss asks you to become part of their management team, it is a sign that he wants you to stay.

5. They will always want you to lead a project at the organization.

6. Whenever you do a great job, he will always nod his head and smile at you that you did greatly well.

7. When he minimizes your workload, he wants you to stay.

How To Tell If Your Boss Is Sabotaging You

The issue of bosses sabotaging their employees can be viewed as an occupational hazard. When your boss sabotages you at your place of work, all you need to do is take action immediately and move on. 

Your boss is always worried that you will surpass him in terms of flavor and attention and get noticed by the higher management. Once you notice that when you complete your work in a satisfactory and superior manner it will result in no feedback, while all your boss does is type criticisms in an otherwise well-performed job.  Bosses intimidate and instill fear to motivate an approach guaranteed to sabotage their employees over time. 

All you need to do is to request a transfer to another department or search for a job in another company. You should always bear in the back of your mind that there is much more to good jobs than only what you are been offered in terms of payment. You should always pursue your personal; satisfaction with your work. Because your advancement opportunities will always be endangered by a sabotaging boss who doesn’t know your worth.


This post is meant for those that work in an unfriendly environment or for those that have a toxic boss at their various places of work. Read through this post and know the meanings of different signs that your bosses show to you and know whether you can still continue in such an organization. 

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Aaron · 25 January 2024 at 07:07

Yeah, its weird. Challenge the boss, and suddenly, Im the go-to. He flips opinions like a coin. Strange dynamics at work, right?

Randy · 26 February 2024 at 16:16

Man, when your boss comes up to you and says, “Hey, I want you on my management team,” that’s a clear signal, right? Like, it’s not rocket science. It’s basically your boss saying, “Hey, I value you, and I want you to stick around.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear that? It’s like a pat on the back, but way bigger. It’s like them saying, “You’re not just a cog in the machine; you’re someone I trust to help run this ship.” And let’s be real, when your boss trusts you like that, it’s pretty darn motivating. So yeah, if that opportunity knocks, you better open that door and walk through it with your head held high.

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