Computer engineering and computer science are part of the work together with engineers working on software. They create software and solve issues in the software. To ensure that the software is working properly, they analyze as well as test software. Software engineers often work closely with programmers and developers. They also bring a comprehensive background in the latest technology for their work.

Software Engineer Jobs in Canada

1. Assist Immigration Avenue Private Limited as an engineer in software testing

Discussion of specs and control software with management of development. Reviewing the functionality of software while using it according to the intended use. The development of test plans that permit both the automated and manual testing of each software product. Programming, designing and implementing test programs to review software.

Implementing test software to ensure that the test process is precise in analysing the software. Optimising test infrastructures of software in order to increase the efficiency of the software. Documentation is written and compiled for testing procedures. Testing is complete , as test reports are written. Management is presented with the results of tests and makes suggestions to improve software.

2. You can join Canonical to become an engineer manager to support software engineering across the Americas.

An engineer manager who knows about free software, Linux and cloud-based computing is required to benefit from this fantastic chance. Join Canonical, the booming international software company that invented Ubuntu and will help you develop a thrilling, fulfilling career working with the top and most brilliant tech specialists.

An essential team, dubbed Sustaining Engineering, is responsible for the most complicated customer escalations as well as fixing mistakes in software, code bugs, and other issues that start at the kernel level and ending at the high end of the stack open to all.

3. Developer job on the back-end of GE Markham, Ontario, Canada

Software engineers can be members of a team and assist in the advancement of HMI transition to developing teams and new products. They report to the team’s director who is responsible for software tools. You are a highly respected software developer who has the ability to work with other developers to design and review the designs of software utilised in various Web applications built around microservices and containers.

It also assists in the development of DevOps KPIs in relation to automated testing, and traceability, coverage of tests and CD/CI.

4. Work for Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd. as a Gateway Software Engineer.

The complete stack structure and the creation of software TCP/IP to be used in the next generation gateway appliance is the responsibility to the gateway’s engineers team in Huawei’s Vancouver Research Centre. In the coming six months the team will grow by 20 to eight under the direction by the most experienced experts within the industry.

The team is composed of newly graduates and veterans with years of experience. If you join the team we will grant the opportunity to benefit from our extensive technical expertise and our constant pursuit of the most advanced technology. The team we’ve created is led by strong individuals who will lead the team as it grows.

5. Work as a Senior Full Stack Developer position available at Insight Global Canada

Insight Global needs a Senior Software Developer to join an established HCM client located in Canada for a certain period of duration of. The candidate selected will be working on a project that will involve implementing microservices which are distinct from the application which is a monolithic. The front-end support needed to complete this task is greater, however, this will also require development on the backend.

Desired Experience and Skill

  • Software developer with six to ten years of experience
  • React.JS C#, React.JS and .NET expertise
  • 2+ years of Azure DevOps Experience for Automation of CI/CD
  • A working knowledge of cloud environments. Micro services architecture
  • Enjoy cloud-based experiences
  • MS SQL query writing support and SQL server
  • API REST information

6.Position Available to work  with Game loft located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as an Unity developer

Over the past decade in the last decade, Game loft(r) is an established mobile game developer and publisher, has earned its right as one of the most prominent creators in the field.

Two games made by Game loft that are available on all digital platforms have been featured in The “Top 10 Games of all-time worldwide downloads” from App Annie. Game loft is in partnership with major licensing companies which include Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney(r), Marvel(r), Hasbro(r), Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel(r) and Ferrari(r) and is also operating their own franchises that have been successful, such including Asphalt(r), Order & Chaos(r) Modern Combat(r) and Dungeon Hunter(r).

7. Work as an IT support engineer within Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Hello Fresh

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best foods as well as recipes which can be utilised in various dinners, Hello Fresh hopes to transform the way that people eat forever. We’ve witnessed the worldwide expansion of this company in the last 10 years that has surpassed our expectations.

Today, with operations in 17 countries on three continents, we’ve grown into a global food and nutrition business and the most highly regarded food kit maker across the world. What did we do? People looking for delicious and healthy, sustainable and nutritious alternatives have welcomed the weekly boxes that are filled with inventive recipes and fresh ingredients. Our main product lines, Hello Fresh, Green Chef, Every Plate, Chef’s Plate, Factor and Youfoodz all are now part of Hello Fresh Group. Hello Fresh Group.

8. Lightning Salesforce Developer Job Vacant on Proviso located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Join our incredible Proviso team within Toronto, Ontario, we are looking for a stunning Sales Force Development – Lightning.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn valuable information to advance your job as full-time Sales force developer – Lightning.

Apply now for SalesForce Developer Lightning at Proviso to those with an exceptional capacity to work in an organisation, have outstanding people management skills, as well as the right attitude for the position.

9.Work as an Engineer in Frontend Software for Microsoft Vancouver, Canada (B.C.

Microsoft for business Yammer is the online social network that sets the standard. Yammer is used daily by millions of employees, including 85 percent of the workforce working for Fortune 500 businesses, to create a sense of culture and a sense that allows them to share their knowledge, and also connect with their bosses as well as their coworkers.

Microsoft acquired Yammer, one of the first unicorn startups of the last ten years, in 2012. We currently are fortunate to work alongside one of the most profitable software companies in the world and the advantages of a startup – rapid technological advancement, rapid innovation , and huge impact on every person.

10 Find a job at Danaher in Concord, Ontario, Canada as a manager of software development

Are you looking to become the head in an engineering design and development team who develop innovative software in one of the leading life sciences firms around the world? Are you delighted when you discover that the software you design can aid in the development of new medications as well as the evaluation of the quality of food and water and the identification of chemical hazards which are found in our surroundings, the conduct of criminal tests and other aspects that can positively affect the lives of individuals?

You’re interested in joining us in the same group as. We’d love to have you join us!

To develop, maintain and design applications for Scitex products. The Software Development Manager accountable for a team of developers.


Software engineering isn’t a novel method, but it’s always evolving , and often appears to be revolutionary. The technology and science we are acquiring is expanding and, in turn, the skills needed to become software engineers. Software engineers start at their beginnings, or at a minimum using theories, rather than actual code , which differentiates them from engineers who work in other areas.

Everybody uses software, and so, making sure that the software is functioning effectively is vital. If it’s not it could result in loss of money, reputation damage and, in certain situations even death.

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