This blog post discusses the 2024 SBW Berlin scholarship which is currently in operation! and is designed and targeted at students who are studying abroad. This article will assist you to learn about the application process, the benefits, and the requirements to be granted this award

SBW Berlin Awards 2024-2023 fully-funded scholarships for students studying abroad. The scholarship is available to students with masters and undergraduate degrees. This scholarship offers a tuition fee reduction, monthly stipends, accommodation, travel allowances, and other benefits.

SBW Berlin is a partner in education projects across the globe. Through our SBW Berlin Scholarship, we aid in promoting international advancement and the spread of knowledge and information.

SBW Berlin Scholarship SBW Berlin Scholarship is for young foreign students who are from families that have difficult financial circumstances and who use the knowledge and skills they gain during their time in Germany to finance long-term projects for non-profit organizations, especially in their home countries.

We provide our scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in Berlin and Potsdam according to the academic performance of the student in addition to their individual talents as well as their social needs. In general, the arts and sciences in all fields are covered. In some situations, we can aid in vocational training in Berlin as well as Potsdam. Study aid within the country of residence and in an additional German Federal state is not covered.

Scholarship Review

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Institution(s): SBW Berlin
  • Learn in Germany
  • Opportunity Concentration ZonesAll fields
  • The time of the Program is based on the selection of the degree.
  • Deadline15th in May until June 30th. From November 15 until December 31 every year.

Scholarship Description

SBW Berlin Scholarship provides the winners with the following benefits:

  • Our shared apartment is available to students studying in Berlin
  • The cost-of-living allowance refers to the amount determined by section IX.
  • Tuition fees
  • You might also receive an allowance to travel for your trip to Berlin prior to the start of your studies, as well as the return trip after you’ve completed the course.

Qualification Criteria for the 2024 SBW Berlin Scholarship

To be qualified to be eligible for SBW Berlin Scholarship, the applicant must satisfy all the following requirements:

  • Required Language: English.
  • All World Countries that are eligible: All world countries.
  • Age Limitation Age range 18-30
  • A candidate must be one year before the beginning of their college education or fully enrolled in their first, second, or. third semester of state-approved universities (in Germany or abroad) or pursue a Master’s Degree before or after obtaining an undergraduate degree. The average grade is linked to an overall German grade of 2.0. 2.0.
  • Candidates who have the lowest earnings. The income of the household of the applicant does not go over the median that is officially declared for the home country. The income of the household of all members and the sources of income to families (e.g. through work, business, property, pensions, child benefits, or other sources) ), are considered.
  • Experiential Activity Candidates with either volunteer or professional experience within the nonprofit sector.

Ways To Apply For The 2024 SBW Berlin Scholarship

Follow the instructions below to submit an application for this award.

Make sure you have acceptance or admission or evidence of your admission to a school or university located in Berlin or Potsdam.

(1) Please fill in your information in the application form.

(2) Enter your contact information and personal information and upload your picture.

(3) Please provide details regarding your previous and present education.

(4) More information about this:

  • Your parents as well as other family members.
  • Most recent school or university diploma
  • Highest school leaver certificate
  • The highest degree awarded by an institution
  • The current position as well as the career you would like to pursue
  • Training in the context of vocational applications for training
  • Internships and professional experience
  • Your hobbies, talents, and interests
  • Travel abroad experience
  • Volunteering experience

(5) Include the following documents:

  • Motivational note (1 or 2 pages)
  • A copy of your school or university diploma which indicates your GPA
    with an introduction to the class
  • A duplicate of your highest educational diploma (high school diploma or college diploma) with
    Your grade point average, as well as an overall view of your grades

If you own copies of the following documents are accessible:

  • Admission to a university or proof of admission to an academic institution
  • Internationally recognized certification of your language in the language you use. You
    The studies are taught
  • All previous training or previous work such as apprenticeship, internship, or work experience certificates, and references
  • If you’ve just begun learning to learn HTML0: So far you’ve earned university diplomas as well as records.
    of achievements (graded and of accomplishments (graded as well)

We ask applicants to submit the following documents with their application. It’s not necessary:

  • Three or two letters of recommendation received from teachers at school or professors such as.
  • documentation of the household’s total earnings

Notification Translations and copies that are not certified can be used to fill out an application. If the applicant is successful in the screening process and is certified, copies of these documents are required to be included as part of the verification.

(6) The application, as well as all certificates and documents must be delivered to

German or English via email to 27******cd8@e***

The final decision on the amount of the scholarship (starting the following semester) can be determined

is expected to be released at the beginning of February, and the beginning of August each year.

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