This list below shows financial analyst jobs in Canada.

To learn more about the requirements to have a successful career in the field of Financial Analyst, explore this article on career options for financial analysts.

Financial Analyst Jobs In Canada

1. Program Financial Analyst Position at Niagara Region

The Niagara Region is committed to building a durable and prosperous Niagara.

The Region offers a wide range of high-quality services and programs that improve the health of individuals, families, and the communities within its borders by working together with local municipalities in 12 municipalities, as well as numerous community partners.

The Niagara peninsula is separated by the lakes that are magnificent Erie and Ontario. The peninsula is the most productive agricultural land to cultivate in Canada as also the stunning Niagara Falls, and towns that have a rich history and activities for recreation and entertainment.

Niagara is home to one of the most beautiful Ontario landscapes, the best wines of Canada with a warm and pleasant climate and vibrant urban centers.

2. Senior Financial Analyst position for Array Marketing in Ontario, Canada

They work with leading brands, including Estee Lauder, Sephora, Ultra Beauty, and L’Oreal among only a handful of them. They are leaders in retail display and selling services.

Professionals within their fields, with more than 35 years of experience, they’re adept at creating innovative designs and improving the processes of their organizations. They are in search of an analytical, data-driven person with a clear voice who can assist them guide them toward the future, and implement their strategy when they expand internationally.

3. Financial Analyst Position at Municipal World

We’re seeking an individual who thrives in a workplace which encourages expansion and growth. The team members are creative Team members motivated to improve and modernize local government.

They require enthusiastic people who are interested in making an impact on their Corporation and the community as a whole and have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing and expanding Municipality.

4.  Job As An Intern Financial Analyst for the Winter Semester at the Royal Bank of Canada for 12 months.

The corporate culture at RBC is highly friendly and filled with potential and benefits. Re-energized by the feeling of shared purpose, you’ll take part in the success of our customers and also our community’s development.

Be the first person to create the month-long P&L closing procedures in order to ensure stable control. Implementing controls and governance procedures to ensure the accuracy of and precise financial data.

Examining the financial results,  variances, and results from the GL data. 

For the sake of ensuring accuracy in reports from external sources, ensure that you have a record of disclosures, regulatory reporting, and additional formats.

Maintaining the monthly 2nd-level review schedule to ensure proper compliance with financial controls and the completion of reconciling requirements.

5. Senior Qualitative Financial Analyst in the Bank of America’s Market Risk Audit Team

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One of the largest financial institutions in the world, Bank of America provides customers of all sizes which includes small and medium-sized companies as well as big corporations, with a range of banking, investment, and asset management, as with other services and services associated with managing risk and finance.  

On January 1, the year 2009 was when Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch, elevating it to the top of the list in the business for wealth management.

It is also among the top globally in investment and corporate banking, trading, and various other assets, and provides services to businesses, nations, governmental organizations, and every individual.

Bank of America will be capable of sustaining operations in Canada because of its strong market position and its unique approach to business.

6. Financial Accounting Analyst In the Blue Water Group

More than 300 employees work for the company that is growing Blue Water Group nationwide. Blue Water Group is on an exciting growth route that provides excellent job opportunities.

Candidates, regardless of whether they have prior experience, are excited about exploring new possibilities and those are part of our fundamental values of integrity, honesty, and attitude, as well as focus on customers and accountability. Continual growth will discover Blue Water an ideal learning environment.

Blue Water Group is committed to providing a welcoming and multicultural workplace where employees are comfortably working every day and perhaps, most importantly that they do so with a feeling of belonging.

7. Work for Canada as a Confidential Senior Financial Analyst.

The ideal candidate is responsible for supervising multiple analyses of finances simultaneously. The job will require you to prepare forecasts for the budget and your actual variance report at the end of the month.


  • Create Monthly forecasts and cost strategies for your business.
  • Check that your systems are up-to-date and precisely reflect current results including forecasts, budgets, and the results
  • Examine the various variations and make a comment.
  • Speak to vendors and make sure that all allowances for vendors are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Make sure you adhere to the financial guidelines and accounting regulations.

8. Financial Analyst Position at Sun Life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Enterprise Infrastructure team receives full-time monthly reports and financial analysis and forecasting and financial support for budgeting through the Financial Analyst job. 

The successful candidate will establish important connections with finance and to the enterprise services finance team and technology Product owners.

To ensure that budgeting is effective. This task will involve working with the team to prepare monthly reports on expenditures and recoveries.

The job requires an enthusiastic person with a lot of energy, extraordinarily analytical and ability to organize multitasking abilities, solid communications skills, keen attention to particulars, and the ability to master MS Excel and PowerPoint expertise.

9. work with ABB LTD in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a financial analyst

Join a group around the globe that is driving the way for change in business and society in order to create an ever-growing, sustainable and resilient future. Join us and make the next step in your career. We are committed to promoting inclusiveness and diversity across all aspects, such as the gender of a person, LGBTQ+, capabilities and ethnicity, and also generations is our primary goal at ABB.

Together, they begin an adventure where everyone can recognize their own particular and different perspectives at a personal and group level.

10.  Analyst In Finance At A Plant In Cargill

Are you looking to enhance your professional standing while making sure you have a long-lasting and secure future? Join the global team of 155,000 at Cargill which employs cutting-edge technology, and sharp analysis with 154 years of experience, connects farmers to customers as well as customers that require items, and both animals and individuals to the nutrients they require to thrive.

As the business partner of the finance department of operations and management teams, the financial analyst will give precise and prompt information on the financial department and analysis.

You’ll work with a range of individuals to ensure that results are up-to-date, properly analyzed, and comprehended. You’ll strive to improve the most effective methods of financial reporting.


In the end, a business’s health and the stability of its operations are evaluated by financial analysts who provide insight into how the business is conducted. It is crucial to acknowledge that the importance of analyzing financial statements can be a challenge.

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Ill link up with the finance crew and tech folks to build key connections for enterprise services.

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