How To Migrate To Australia As A Pharmacist In 2024

Following three years of professional experience, pharmacists in Australia can begin a lucrative career as a pharmacist within the country. Candidates must satisfy a range of criteria based on their country of birth. This includes a time of surveillance.

Australia has an acute shortage of pharmacists, which has created opportunities for pharmacists from abroad to relocate and get jobs. For pharmacists from overseas, the opportunity to migrate is an excellent opportunity to secure more jobs and raise their standards of practice.

Immigrant pharmacists are finding permanent residency appealing. Because of Australia’s 191 as well as 494 VISA subclasses This is now a possibility.

Priority Migration’s Skilled Occupation list identifies 44 professions, including pharmacists (retail and hospital pharmacists) and industrial pharmacists. These are the essential skills needed to assist in Australia’s recovery from COVID-19. This list was developed by utilizing the expert advice of the National Skills Commission and consulting with Commonwealth departments.

You’ll need to be able to pass the initial assessment of your skills followed by the KAPS (Knowledge Assessment in Pharmaceutical Science) examination test. Once you have passed the KAPS test, you will be able to register for registration with AHPRA, i.e. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency for a qualified visa that allows you to work and move to Australia.

KAPS (Knowledge Assessment of Pharmacological Sciences) is a test of your knowledge and understanding of the pharmaceutical sciences. The success of the KAPS test proves that you can perform your job safely and efficiently in an Australian environment.

Priority processing is granted to applicants with an occupation in the PMSOL List.

Sponsored by employers, PMSOL applicants will receive priority in processing nominations and visa applications in the following visa categories:

-Subclass 482Temporary Skill & shortage visa (TSS visa)

-Subclass 494 The Skilled Employer sponsored Region Subclass 182 Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa

-Subclass 187 – Regional Sponsored Migratory Scheme (RSMS).

Hospital Pharmacist (251511)

A pharmacist in a hospital can prepare and dispense drugs, pharmaceuticals, and medications. Registration or licensing is mandatory.

Retail Pharmacist 

Patients can receive medication. They also inform customers about the importance of health promotion, disease prevention, and proper use of medication. The community pharmacist may offer non-prescription medications and related products. It is necessary to register or get a license.

Industrial Pharmacist (251512)

Patients can receive medication. They also inform customers about the importance of health promotion, disease prevention, and proper usage of medicines. Community pharmacies may offer non-prescription medications along with related items. You need to register or obtain a license.

ANZCO Occupation Assessing Authority

-251511 Hospital Pharmacist Australian Pharmacy Council

-251512 Industrial Pharmacist VETASSESS

-251513 Retail Pharmacist Australian Pharmacy Council

The Immigration Process for Interested Pharmacists

-Sign up on with Pharmacy Board of Australia

Every pharmacist who practices must be registered at the Pharmacy Board of Australia. An International Criminal History Check may be required. A licensed ICHC provider can conduct the test. It’s valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Once the verification process is complete Candidates are not allowed to apply.

-Apply for VISA Subclass 494

Skilled Employer-Sponsored Region (Provisional 494 Visa) is now open to foreign Pharmacists who are looking to migrate to Australia by a permanent residence method. To do this pharmacists must seek employment suitable to them by a company that is recognized by the Regional Certifying Body of the designated region. These conditions must be met

  1. The employer must be located in a region that is a recognized regional region in Australia (not Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne).
  2. The job must not be part-time and the candidate must be able to remain for a minimum of three years before applying for a 191 Visa for permanent residence.
  3. The retail pharmacy has to be on the list of occupations.
  4. Candidates must be 45 years of age, have 3 years of relevant full-time employment experience, and be able to communicate in English before being able to apply (IELTS 6.0).

Steps 1 and 2 need to be performed in tandem. A successful one doesn’t ensure success in the following.

-Pass the Australian Pharmacy Council Exam

Applications will be reviewed through the Australian Pharmacy Council as part of a competency stream or a knowledge stream. Candidates who are in the knowledge stream must complete their internship according to established procedures.

Candidates who have completed their education in any other country in Australia, Canada or Ireland, the UK, or New Zealand are eligible for the knowledge stream.

To be included in the assessment system, you must be able to pass the eligibility test and then test for the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) test. The exam and test for eligibility cost $1290 each.

Students who completed their degree in pharmacy from Canada, Ireland, or the UK are qualified for the competency stream. Candidates who have been recognized in these countries can be a part of the competency stream.

Candidates for the Competency stream must successfully pass their Competency Assessment of Overseas Pharmacists Examination (CAOP) along with an exam to determine eligibility. Both the CAOP exam and the eligibility test are priced at AU$1,290.

-You must complete a certain amount of time under supervision

Candidates can begin supervision in Australia once they have met all the prerequisites. Employers will assign the preceptor. After having completed 75% of hours of practice as well as the competency stream candidates will be able to be enrolled in the Pharmacy Board’s assessment for registration. The assessment may include either written or oral tests. The test will assess a person’s comprehension and knowledge of the law governing pharmacy.

Candidates are now able to be eligible to apply for their General Registration once they have completed their supervision hours.

Application for permanent residency

Candidates are eligible to apply for the Skilled Regional 1 Permanent Residency Visa following the requirements above. While this VISA is valid for five years from the date of the application, pharmacists who are looking to apply can apply in the space of three years. To be eligible, pharmacists do not require nomination from their employers. VISA allows pharmacists to work as well as stay in Australia for a long time. It is also possible to sponsor relatives to Australia and If you’re eligible for citizenship, apply to become one.

For employers

Raven’s Recruitment can help with the migration of an outgoing pharmacist into Australia. Our connections to a highly experienced immigration agent who has worked with pharmacists Immigration will assist you in the application of your pharmacist and the process of obtaining an immigration visa. We are also able to assist with your temporary and permanent hiring needs.


Are pharmacists qualified to apply for PR within Australia?

Once the 494 is granted, pharmacists can request permanent residence three years after. 491: Highly skilled Work Regional (provisional visa) State or Territory starting at AUD 4095. This five-year visa is for pharmacists who intend to live, study and work in the designated regions.

Which is the most suitable location for pharmacists to relocate to?

United States

Ice land




United Kingdom





Is Australia Good For Pharmacists?

The most rewarding career path in pharmacy is available in Australia. Pharmacists can anticipate top salaries and excellent benefits, in addition to work that requires their focus. As people age and demands for healthcare increase, the field has a lot of potential for growth in this career.

Is KAPS Exam Difficult?

KAPS (Knowledge Assessment of Pharmacological Sciences) is a test of your knowledge and understanding of the pharmaceutical sciences. It demonstrates your ability to perform your job safely and effectively in an Australian environment.

What is a pharmacist called in Australia?

In Australia, the pharmacist is typically referred to as”chemist” or “chemist” and a pharmacy is a shop run by chemists.

Why is it that so many Pharmacists quit?

People also left community pharmacies due to the lack of recognition for their profession. They cited a myriad of problems, such as the inability of negotiating salaries and the belief that they were not valued. It was also possible of being replaced by pharmacists willing to pay less pay.

Additionally, the salaries of pharmacists do not increase with years of experience. A pharmacist with one year’s experience can substitute for a pharmacist with 20 years of experience.

Who is eligible to take the KAPS Exam?

All pharmacists from other countries can take the KAPS exam if they’ve completed an approved pharmacy education program before January 1st January 2006. The program must comprise at the very least 4 years of full-time study. To determine if you’re eligible to take the KAPS test, you’ll require an eligibility letter for Stream A.


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