Top 11 Highest Paying Jobs in Texas Without a Degree in 2024

Even if you do not have an undergraduate degree, you may live nicely in Texas If you obtain one of the top-paying jobs with no degree.

The highest paying jobs in Texas As we are aware require a bachelor’s level degree to be eligible to be employed.

However, this article provides the highest-paying jobs in Texas that do not require college degrees.

Certain jobs might require you to be awarded an award or certificate proving you have completed your training and are suitable for the job.

With the certification you get through a vocational school or community college you can quickly find work in the field you want to work in.

If you don’t have any sort of experience or certification for the job you’re applying for Some companies will employ you if you accept on-the-job training for a certain amount of duration.

The company will provide the course, and you are employed on the spot following having completed the training.

1. Insurance Sales People.


Selling life and property insurance, health insurance, casualty insurance, car insurance, and many other kinds of insurance.

Customers may be independently-owned brokers. they might work for themselves as brokers or they could be part of an insurance company. Insurance salespeople make an average annual salary of $87,360.

The minimum entry-level qualification is a high-school diploma or equivalent.

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2. Non-retail Sales Staffers’ First-line Supervisors.

First-line supervisors are responsible for controlling and directing the activities of people that are not retail salespersons.

In addition to the managerial duties, they may undertake budgeting as well as accounting and personnel tasks.

In Houston First-line supervisors of non-retail sales, personnel receives an average annual compensation of $92,650. Earning around $87,210 per year, this is one of the highest-paying jobs in Texas without a college degree.

3. Workers in the field of Firefighting

Workers in firefighting and prevention as with any other supervisor in the first line, directly supervise and coordinate the tasks of the workers involved in firefighting, prevention, and control.

The median annual wage for them is $83,500.

Additionally, you require a postsecondary, non-degree diploma for schooling at the entry-level.

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4. Captioners And Court Reporters

If you’re meticulous and attentive to the details in discussions or other types of interaction, this career is the one for you.

The duties will involve recording and storing, retrieving as well as transcribing pre-trial and trial court proceedings, or any other details using verbatim methods and other technology.

This includes steno captioners, who make use of technology for computerized stenographic captioning to provide captions for hearing-impaired viewers of live or recorded broadcasts.

In the beginning, this job requires an award of a postsecondary degree.

The annual average salary is $92,150.


5. Real estate, Property, and Community Association Management.

These managers’ primary responsibilities are planning, directing, or managing the buying, selling leasing, or management of industrial, commercial, as well as residential.

Additionally, owners of condominium and homeowner associations, whether leased or rented structures, housing units, or other property belonging to this class.

This job pays an equivalent of $92,640 annually.


6. Postmasters And Mail Supervisors

Postmasters and mail supervisors are charged with organizing, directing, or coordinating a U.S. post office’s operational administration, management, and support services.

In addition, the actions of employees that are responsible for postal work and related tasks in the post office they work for.

This job offers the chance to earn as much as $88,250 and rank within the top ten highest-paying positions within Texas with or without a college degree.


7. Repairers Of Electronic And Electrical Equipment Substations, Powerhouses, And Relays.

The primary responsibilities are inspecting and testing, fixing, as well as maintaining the electrical system within substations, generators, and in-service relays are principal responsibilities and activities.

In Texas, the annual average salary is $77,450.

This is a great chance for anyone looking to leverage the highest-paying jobs in Texas without a college degree


8. Commercial Pilots.

The pilot is responsible for piloting and controlling fixed-wing aircraft on unscheduled air carrier routes and helicopters. Commercial pilot certification is mandatory. Charter pilots who have the same certification, along with tour and air ambulance pilots are also included.

National, regional international and pilots of airlines are not included. In Texas, the median annual salary is $125,060 making it among the most lucrative positions in Texas.

With a high school degree or equivalent, you are eligible to receive an invitation to work.

9. Detectives And Police Officers’ First-line Supervisors.

First-line supervisors are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work that police personnel.

The salary for this position is around $100,630 per annum. The education requirements for entry-level jobs are a graduation diploma from a high school or an equivalent qualification

10. Hotel managers

The operations of an organization or department providing accommodation and lodging can be planned, directed, or managed by hotel managers.

It is necessary to have an education degree from a high school to be eligible for entry-level positions. In Texas, the median annual earnings of a hotel manager are $83,310.

11. Detectives And Criminal Investigators.

If you are looking to get involved in real-time policing, this job could be the perfect choice for you.

To prevent or stop criminals, you will be in charge of investigating possible violations of state, federal, or municipal laws.

The median annual income for this occupation is $95,880 and requires just a high school diploma or equivalent basic educational requirement for entry-level positions.

The median salary for a worker in Dallas is $91,630. In Austin, the median wage in Austin is $76,530.


Finding one of the top-paid job opportunities in Texas is a great option when you need to live an easy life. We suggest you seek out businesses, organizations, and institutions that require this expertise and then apply.


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