Out of appreciation for Jason Lang, the Jason Lang Scholarship Program was begun. Jason Lang, a 17-year-old secondary school understudy, passed on in taking shots at a school.

This grant program perceives the extraordinary scholastic accomplishment of understudies who are signed up for full-time post-auxiliary schooling in Alberta. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop there; it additionally remunerates these understudies’ endeavors by granting grants, which thus persuades them to proceed with their undergraduate or expert projects of study.

These grants were supported by the Alberta government through Alberta Advanced Education, and they are overseen by Alberta Student Aid and the University of Alberta.

Jason Lang Scholarship and all you need to know about it

The Jason Lang grants are supported by the Government of Alberta through Alberta Advanced Education and are directed by the University of Alberta related to Alberta Student Aid.

This grant is presented by the Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund and the typical sum offered shifts.

Level/Field of Study

This grant is available to green beans college understudies to concentrate on in any school of their decision in Canada. The quantity of grants is restricted, so the Foundation is unfit to give grants to every single qualified competitor.


The grant is to be taken in Canada. Assuming you are a worldwide understudy and you want to concentrate in Canada, Check out the best grants possible to concentrate on in Canada


The grant is available to Canadian residents or Permanent Residents. Peruse likewise on the off chance that you wish to concentrate on external your nation of origin Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Grants Benefits:

Jason Lang Scholarships, esteemed at $1,000 each, perceive and compensate for the exceptional scholastic accomplishment of Alberta post-auxiliary understudies and urge them to go on in their undergrad or expert program of study.

Jason Lang Scholarship Eligibility 

Competitors must:

  • Be Permanent Residents of Canada, Protected Person of Canada, or residents of Canada Citizen
  • Have essentially a GPA of 3.2 in view of something like 80% of a full-ordinary course load (for example at least 24 units obviously weight for most projects) finished between the length of September 2021 to April 2024 at the University of Alberta.
  • Note: Applicants are to take note that for those that didn’t go to the U of An in the 2017 – long term, their application can’t be sent by the U of A to Student Aid Alberta for this grant. On such an occasion, candidates should contact their previous establishment for data on the application.
  • Be going on in the second or resulting year of a program in the college degree or going on at whatever extended period of an expert or after-degree program
  • Be enlisted full-time in at least one term in the scholarly year, 2020 – 2021 in an undergrad or expert program in Fall 2020 as well as Winter 2020 at an Alberta post-optional establishment.
  • Be signed up for an undergrad or expert program like Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Dentistry, or Veterinary Medicine at a taking part post-optional instructive foundation in Alberta. It is to be noticed that understudies in graduate examinations (Master’s or Doctoral level) are not qualified for this grant.

Candidates that are in an authority center work term, entry-level position, or trade program presented by the University of Calgary in Fall 2021 or potentially Winter 2021 are qualified for this grant application.

Candidates should be a Resident of Alberta as characterized by Alberta Student Aid. As indicated by the Alberta Scholarship Act, An Alberta Resident is:

  • A person who has been for all time an occupant in Alberta for a term of 12 back-to-back months promptly before going to a post-optional foundation, or
  • An individual whose watchmen or guardians have kept an extremely durable home in Canada for 12 continuous months promptly preceding beginning post-optional examinations and dwelling in Alberta, or
  • A person who was hitched to an Alberta inhabitant quickly preceding the initiation of post-auxiliary examinations
  • Evaluation will be given to Cooperation understudies based on matched scholastic terms (center work terms will be prohibited).

For understudies that have inquiries concerning their qualifications and for understudies who were members in an authority University of Alberta trade, they ought to compassionately contact Student Connect.

Instructions to Apply for Jason Lang Scholarship

Application for this grant program should be possible web-based on utilizing the Student Awards application structure:

Apply for Awards

Candidates can likewise get to the honor application structure through Bear Tracks.


A warning will be sent by the Office of the Registrar in late October (for those that applied preceding September 15) or late February (for those that applied by January 15) regarding whether their application was sent to Alberta Student Aid for definite audit.

For candidates that are effective a short time later, checks will be given to them straightforwardly from Alberta Student Aid in December (assuming they applied by the September 15 cutoff time) or April (assuming that the application was sent in by them by the January 15 cutoff time).

Candidates are to guarantee that their location in Bear Tracks is modern to guarantee that their check is sent to the fitting location.

Candidates that could have an adjustment of their place of home after their designation has been sent, are to mercifully contact Alberta Student Aid.

Extra Information:

  • Candidates that are signed up for Graduate Studies or Open Studies are ineligible to apply for this grant
  • The University of Calgary courses are not joined with courses finished at one more foundation for qualification; term courses for spring or summer are not thought of.
  • Candidates that went to one more foundation for post-optional training last year and are moving to the University of Calgary in the 2024 scholastic year, should contact their past post-auxiliary establishment for data about their Jason Lang Scholarship qualification this year.

The application for this grant can be gotten to in the candidate’s myUCalgary account.

Grant Notification and Payment Process

For Fall, email warning, check understudy focus, and grant payment is booked for October 15, 2024, October 16, 2024, and December 2024 separately while for Winter, the timetable for email notification, check understudy focus, and grant dispensing is as per the following, February 4, 2019, February 5, 2024, and March 2024 individually.

Candidates are to check the situation with their application by means of their Student Center by exploring the ‘Money’ module.

The understudy’s capability as a candidate turns certain If they see the Jason Lang Scholarship and status of External Disbursement.

Beneficiaries that are effective will get checks straightforwardly from Student Aid Alberta, thus, candidates are to guarantee that the location in their myUofC is cutting-edge to guarantee that their check is sent to the right location.

Just effective beneficiaries will get a warning on this, as the Student Awards Office just sends a notice to candidates who met all necessities for qualification and were fruitful beneficiaries.

Understudies should be proceeding with their full-time post-optional examinations in the ongoing scholastic year.

Understudies’ ineligibility for a Jason Lang Scholarship sets in if:

  • They are signed up for a one-year endorsement program,
  • In the event that their post-optional examinations are interfered with for more than one semester in the following scholarly year,
  • They are beneficiaries of a Louise McKinney Scholarship program for a similar time of study, or
  • They have gotten a lifetime limit of three Jason Lang Scholarships.

Candidates for the Jason Lang grant should be enlisted at qualified Alberta public post-auxiliary schools (this incorporates specialized organizations, openly supported universities, colleges, and confidential universities authorize to give degrees).

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Kimberly · 24 January 2024 at 20:10

Got the heads-up for Fall – email, focus on understudy, and grant cash on October 15, 2024, October 16, 2024, and December 2024. Winters rollin with email, focus, and cash on February 4, 2019, February 5, 2024, and March 2024.

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