Application for Bonafide Certificate: A Bonafide Certificate is a type of certificate or document that is given to students from an educational or other institution to prove that they are part of an organization. An employer can also issue the certificate to employees who work there.

In order to get this certificate, you have to first make an application to the proper organization or to the director of the company. There are certain institutions or organizations that have a specific application form and students can submit a formal letter if there isn’t a form for application.

If you’re searching for something similar on the internet, you can find how to write an application for bonafide certificates from your schools, colleges, or companies. Don’t be concerned about it as we have provided over 12 plus examples of bonafide certificate applications which you can utilize to complete your application without any issues in accordance with your needs.

It is also important to inform you that there are numerous organizations that don’t need to submit applications or letters. In these organizations, you can receive your Bonafide certificate online with any issue

Application For Bonafide Certificate

Simple Application For Bonafide Certificate

To, The Principal,

[School/College Name],

[School/College Address],


Subject – Application Letter For Bonafide Certificate.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With all due respect thank you for this note to let you know that I require a genuine certificate from your institution. In this regard, I am asking that you provide me with an official bona fide certificate as soon as possible. I’m very grateful to you.

Your Obediently Student,

[Your Name],

[Roll No & Class],

[Contact Details].

Application For Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship


The Principal,

[College Name],

[College Address],


Subject – Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Sincere thanks I’d be happy to take your attention that I come from a low-income family and I am unable to pay for my college fees. So, I am in need of an award from the government. I’ve been requested to present a valid certification.

I would appreciate it if you give me a genuine certificate as soon as is possible.

Thanking You.

Yours Obediently,

[Student Name],



[Roll Number].

Application For Bonafide Certificate From College


The Principal,

[College Name],

[College Address].

Subject – Request letter for college bonafide certificate.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Respectfully, I would like to declare that I am _____ [Write your name] A student at your school The semester is ____. Write your semester’s roll number]. _____. [Write your Roll Number[Write Your Roll Number].

I’m in need of an authentic certificate of residence as proof of my residence to apply for a scholarship.

Please send me the bona fide document. I’ll be grateful to you.

Yours Truly,


[Roll Number],

[Mobile Number].

Bonafide Certificate Request Letter


The Headmaster/Principal,

[School/College Name],

[School/College Address],

[Date- __/__/__].

Subject – Request letter for the bonafide certificate.

Respected Principal,

Respectfully, I would like to declare the following: I’m ______ (Your name] who is a student in the class ______ [Your class] at this institution. This letter is to request a legitimate certificate. I require this certificate in order to submit an application for the scholarship that is offered under ______ [scheme name.

So, I respectfully ask that you provide me with the certificate within the shortest time possible. I hope you’ll consider my request.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,


[Your Address],

[Phone Number],

[Email ID].

Request Letter For Bonafide Certificate From School


[Your Name],

[Your Class],




The Registrar/Principal/Headmaster,

[School/University/College Name],


Sub: Application for Bonafide Certificate.

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Very humbly, I want to declare that I am ______ [Your Name] one of the students in class _____ (your class) at your school. My personal information has been listed below:

Student Name:

Father’s Name:

Mother’s Name:

Roll No:

Date of Birth:


Mobile No:

I ask you to give me a legitimate certificate from the prestigious school you attend since I’ll need it for the [inform me of your specific motive]. I have attached a photo along with copies of the school Identification card Aadhar Card and the 10th Class marks sheet.

It is your responsibility to issue the certificate as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your kind words,

Yours Faithfully,

[Your Signature],

[Contact Details].

Application Letter For Bonafide Certificate

From –

[Your Name],

[Your Class],

[Your ID Number],

To –

The Principal,

[School/College Name],

[College/School Address],

Subject – Bonafide Certificate Application Letter.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With respect to all, I would like to take the necessary steps to obtain a genuine certificate (mention the exact reason).

I would appreciate it to have you send me the necessary “bonafide certificate” as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Faithfully,

[Your Name],

[Contact Details],


Bonafide Certificate Application Letter In English


[Your Name],

[Your Class],

[Your Roll Number],

[College Name],


The Principal,

[Name of the College],

[Address of the College],


Subject- Request Letter for Bonafide Certificate.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an undergraduate at your institution I graduated this year and am trying to look for employment.

Sir, I need an authentic certification from the college to be able to register my name in the employment exchange office in Mumbai. (Write Your Destination)

I would like you to please issue this bonafide certification in the shortest time possible to allow me to fill out the required forms and sign up to work.

Thank you for your anticipation.

Your sincere student,


[Contact Details].

Application For Bonafide Certificate From School By Parents


The Headmaster/Principal,

[School/College Name],


Subject – Bonafide Certificate Application Letter.

Respected Sir/Madam/Principal,

My child or daughter ABC [Name] is a legitimate student of class XX (Mention the class they are in] at your college or school is a student for the past xx years. I need a bona fide certificate for him (indicate the reason, for example – Educational loans, Passport application, Scholarship, Opening a bank account, To attend a seminar/conferences/workshops in other colleges).

It is required that your issue be issued a genuine certificate of being a student in your college or school could be issued. So, I’d like that you give me a genuine certificate.

I’ll be extremely grateful to you!

Thank you for your kindness!


[Your name]


[Contact Details]

An Application Letter For Bonafide Certificate For Bank Account From School


The Company Manager

HR Department

[Company Name],

[Company Address],


Subject: Request for a Bank Account  Bonafide Certificate Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’d like to let you know that I have been employed by your business over the last several years, with a clean record. I have to present a Bonafide certification from the company I am currently employed with prior to setting up a banking account as proof of identity.

Therefore, I respectfully ask that you give me a Bonafide certificate as soon as possible. Here are my personal details:

Employee Name:

Organization/Company Name:

Department Name:

ID No:

Organization Location:

I am providing all necessary documents for official use. I would be grateful should you accept my favor.

This is to provide you with information and to take the necessary actions.

How do I write an application for a bona fide certificate from school parents?

The process of obtaining a genuine certificate from a college or school isn’t a difficult job. All you have to do is compose an exact and precise application letter. You can follow these steps to create a flawless application letter.

  1. Note the date and place it on the right-hand upper corner.
  2. Make the address of the recipient in capital letters to avoid any conclusion.
  3. The subject should be written, and include the primary idea behind writing the letter.
  4. Greet the principal/headmaster.
  5. The first para writes exactly what you want to say.
  6. Finish with a request note.

Documents Required for Bonafide Certificate –

For Students

  • Application Form/Handwritten letter
  • A photocopy of the student’s ID card
  • Aadhar Card Copy (Not mandatory)
  • Copy of marks from 10th/12th class sheet (Not required)
  • Date of Birth Certificate (Not Mandatory)
  • Fee receipt.

For Employees

  • Copy of Payslip
  • Copy of Employee ID Card
  • Date of Birth Certificate (Not Mandatory)
  • Copy of the Aadhar card (Not obligatory)

Uses of Bonafide Certificate

You are able to use this certificate from any institution or organization throughout your life like

For Students

  • For more information on how to apply for loans for education
  • Apply for a variety of student scholarships
  • To visit the industry to discuss a projects
  • To apply for admission to universities and colleges.
  • Moving to new schools
  • To visit an industrial site for projects
  • To get travel concessions
  • Join a library that is open to the public.
  • Evidence of connection
  • Application for Passport
  • Visa extension for students
  • To fix your radar or other document processes
  • To take part in a seminar, workshops, or conferences at other educational institutions or colleges

For Employees

  • To create an account with a bank
  • Applying for a new job
  • For obtaining a loan from a bank
  • To go to a conference or an official conference
  • It is required when making an application for pan cards or voter’s ID cards.
  • It could also be necessary in order to apply for a passport renewal.

FAQ’s on Application for Bonafide Certificate

1) How do I create an application for a bonafide certificate?

To compose a Bonafide Certificate letter we have already provided the steps above that you can follow. should you be unable to create an original Bonafide application letter yourself We have provided more than 8 examples in the first part of this post that can be copied without issue for creating your own application for the Bonafide Certificate.

2.) How to submit an application to obtain a bona fide certificate at school by students?

Dear sir/ma’am, I’m (student name) and (student name) Student of Class __ in ___. (school name) I require a genuine certificate for _____ (apply to be admitted/open accounts at a bank, or for any other reason you may have). I request that you give me the certificate within the shortest possible time. I’ll be thankful to you. Thanking You.

3) What is the reason we require a genuine certificate?

It is used as evidence in various public and private processes. You can use it to replace your Aadhaar card, and even apply for a visa or to open a bank account, apply for an education or bank loan, or get new employment, and many more applications for this certificate that are listed above. Tips: Bonafide is a Latin word that in English it refers to “in good faith”.

4.) Who is the person who issues a bonafide certificate?

These kinds of certificates are typically issued by an educational institution. Businesses may also provide them on behalf of their workers. The head of the department responsible for administration or the director of the school can also provide these documents to students. In the event of other employees the supervisor, director, or manager of the business is authorized to issue these documents.

5) How long is a bonafide certifiable?

The bonafide certificate is typically valid for three months. If your bonafide certification has expired, you may apply for it to be renewed. You can submit a letter of application your letter in the format of the bonafide certificate sample letters.

6.) What is considered to be a reputable student?

A “bonafide” student is one who is enrolled and is able to complete the full-time program of study with a particular academic focus (not only filler or optional classes) as well as taking part in a substantial amount of school or college social interaction with peers. He should also be the holder of a bona fide diploma.

7.) What’s the difference between a study and bonafide certification?

Based on my understanding, studies certificates are issued to candidates who completed instruction in a specific field or studied a particular topic and a bonafide document is used to identify the bonafide location and state of residence. It can also be called a residence certificate for an individual. It is used to prove whether students are enrolled at an institution or not. Therefore the two certificates are totally distinct.

8) Do you require a bona fide document to get Aadhar card? Aadhar Card?

It is entirely dependent on the individual. You can utilize this certificate for making or replacing the repairs to your Aadhaar card. However, it’s not required.

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