It would help if you first considered your finances before you can study in the USA. It would help if you remembered that spending money is a part of your trip to study in the United States.

This article will list out the Cheapest Universities in the United States. The United States should be the first thing you mention if you talk about education worldwide.

The US is the best country to benchmark for all other countries. Their universities are both public and private. They occupy the top 50 on the QS World University ranking 2024.

It’s also true that living in the United States is expensive. Therefore, check the tuition fee if you plan to study there and don’t have any scholarships.

Be aware that schools in the United States have a high standard of teaching and lecturing, no matter how expensive they may be.

We will look at the best US universities you can apply to and save money on tuition fees. They are primarily government-owned but still a favourite among international students.

Top 5 Best Cheapest Universities in the United States

These are the most affordable and best universities in America.

Califonia State University- Long Beach

This is the largest and most important university in California and one the largest in the United States.

Over 40,000 students are admitted each year to the school’s various departments. The school has done a great job in producing qualified and competent students.

  • The tuition fee for citizens is $7,176
  • International students pay $16,800 for tuition
  • The acceptance rate of 6.4%

The City University New York

Here, you will learn to be a top student and compete against other schools in the US. This is undoubtedly the best and cheapest university in America.

The school is ready to ensure that you get the best education, no matter where or when you’re located.

  • $5,930 for tuition fees for citizens
  • International students pay $18,000 for tuition
  • The acceptance rate of 10%

University of People

This is the best online school in the United States. It is also the Cheapest in the United States.

You are automatically enrolled in this school because you did not pay tuition fees. The school is not profit-oriented, but they are willing to provide high-quality education to citizens of the United States.

The cost of the exam is $100. You might spend up to $2,500 at the end.

  • The tuition fee for citizens is $0
  • International students pay tuition fees
  • The acceptance rate is 80%

California State University, Los Angeles

This university is also located in Los Angeles, California. It offers one of the lowest tuition fees across the US.

This is the University to go to if you are interested in filmmaking.

They have long been known for graduating outstanding students in all their fields.

The institution boasts more than 22,000 undergraduate students and about 3000 graduate students. 77% of the students are 24 or younger.

  • 6.749 for tuition fees
  • International students pay $16,680 for tuition
  • The acceptance rate is 80%

Alcorn State University

The only private physical institute on this list was located in Lorman, Mississippi, in 1871.

The institution’s primary purpose, however, is to educate descendants of historically enslaved African Americans.

It has achieved this correct goal, with over 50 degrees available to more than 4000 students from all backgrounds.

The school doesn’t offer tuition-free rams like other universities, but it has the lowest price of all private schools in America.

  • For citizens, the tuition fee: is $7,084
  • International students: $7,084 tuition fees
  • Acceptance rate: 100 %


Which universities charge the lowest tuition fee?

There are so many of these; we only have a few to mention, like the University of people. You can view the complete list to learn more.

What university in the United States is the most affordable for international students

It would be best to consider the acceptance rate of the universities you are considering, such as California State University – Long Beach’s 6.4%. Check out the list to see the Cheapest Universities and their acceptance rate.

How do I apply to University in America for free?

We have listed details about some of our schools in the US. You can follow up on the school’s website for more information.

Can I work as an International Student in the USA?

Because you require a work permit to work in the United States, your chances of getting one are slim.


The United States is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and they have been doing well in producing qualified students.

They show enough love and respect for their educational sector and all their tutors.

We have compiled a list of universities in the United States that are affordable for international students. These universities include both government-owned and private universities.

Make sure you read the descriptions and select the one that suits you best. You can also check the acceptance rates to ensure you have the best chance of being admitted to the school.

You can follow our social media pages for more information on the Cheapest Universities in America.

Please leave a comment below if this post interests you or if there are any questions.

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