Clark Fellowship is available to international students who plan to do postdoctoral research at The Clark Art Institute fellowship USA in 2024-2024. Clark offers between 11 and 16 scholarships per year. The awards can vary from one to ten months, while most are awarded for one academic term.

International and national scholars, curators, critics, curators, and museum professionals are encouraged to suggest projects to expand and enhance our understanding of the visual arts, their role in culture, and their significance. The Institute combines a public museum and a complex set of academic and research programs. It also includes a significant art history collection. Clark is a global center for discussion about the history and nature of art.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level Of Study: Postdoctoral
  • Institution(s), Clark Art Institute
  • Study in the USA
  • Opportunities Focus Areas
    • History.
    • Visual culture.
    • Theory.
    • Interpretation.
  • Program Period: ranging in length from one to ten months.
  • Deadline October 15, 20,22

Scholarship Coverage

The Clark Art Institute Fellowship is awarded according to need and earnings. It can be up to $30,000 per semester. The Internal Revenue Service will assess each case individually and determine the Fellow’s tax liabilities to the United States government. The scholar and a companion will be reimbursed for travel to and from Clark.

Fellows will usually be provided an apartment in a newly renovated and expanded late nineteenth-century house across the street from the Clark campus. There are six apartments available. They range in size from one to two bedrooms with additional common areas. Each apartment is fully furnished and connected to Clark’s computer network. Clark will provide accommodation and other services except for long-distance phone. The Scholars’ Residence is not allowed to have pets. Clark buildings are not permitted to smoke.

Fellows have access to a private office at the Manton Research Center. It is available from 8 am to 11 pm, Monday through Friday (early closing on weekends). On request, computers and IT support can be provided.

Criteria for Clark Art Institute Fellowship

The following criteria are required to be eligible for the Clark Art Institute Fellowship:

  • Language Required: English
  • All world countries are eligible.
  • They could be from the museum, academic, or other professional backgrounds.
  • Candidates should have a Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience.
  • They could be part-time or full-time employees, independent curators, scholars, or critics.
  • Great writing skills.
  • Experience with independent research: knowledge of qualitative research (conducting interviews and qualitative analysis), preferably quantitative research.

How do I apply for the Clark Art Institute Fellowship?

To avail this fellowship, please follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the Application.
  2. Send a description of the project you are interested in with 500 characters.
  3. Write down your referee’s information (please note they have to send a one-page letter for this email to 6f******630@7***
  4. After clicking the ‘submit’ button, please send the following requirements to 6f******630@7***
  • A curriculum vitae (pdf, three double-spaced pages maximum).
  • A statement in English (pdf, three pages max.) describes your project’s assumptions and critical commitments. You must place the project in the context of existing research. To indicate what is unique or unusual in each subject and method and to explain why this project is necessary.

You can also apply for DAAD Scholarship to receive a monthly payment of 850 Euros for graduates and 1,200 Euros for doctoral candidates.


Visit the official website to learn more about Clark Art Institute Fellowship.

Official Website

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